Interview with Bjørn Fjellby: What is FanTeam and what is great about it?

In this Interview with Bjørn Fjellby, we are talking to the Daily Fantasy Sports expert Bjørn
Fjellby and he will give you guys a history lesson of FanTeam and its perks.

The interview

How would you describe yourself?

My name is Bjørn Furnes Fjellby, I’m 37 years old and I’m from the rainy but beautiful
city of Bergen in Norway. I am a married man and a father of two boys. If I would
describe myself I’m a fantasy enthusiast with football as a preferred sport.

I also CO-founded and are now the Product Operation Officer of Scout Gaming Group.
Scout Gaming Group is a Fantasy Sports provider and pool betting provider.

What’s FanTeam and how did it come to exist? came from an idea that took shape after many years of playing season
long fantasy games like FPL and having a background as an online tournament
poker player. This was back in spring 2013.

Having arranged weekly wagers between other Fantasy football enthusiasts and
myself for a few seasons, I saw a growing interest in both increased bet sizes and
volume and the idea struck me: Combining Fantasy sports with well-known
structures from online poker tournaments in terms of buy-in, rake, and pay-out
structure would be a great way of building on the interest I had already  seen from my
privately arranged games.

So, the dream of what FanTeam now is becoming started with recognizing a pattern
in a local community and seeing the potential to take it “out of the basement” and on
to the gaming scene.

More often than not, having an idea is the easy part, to go from an idea
to actual product. The timing for the FanTeam project was very good, as we started
out at the same time that Draftkings and Fanduel were making their first waves in the
US market. By the end of the year, they had both hit the ground running and
becoming big business, and it was surely just a matter of time before Europe
followed up with a product on its own.

After a few months drawing up the basis of what is FanTeam today, I contacted a
long-time friend and business partner, Andreas Sundal and the rest is history.

Why is the definite first choice instead of regular Fantasy

FanTeam have the broadest offer in Europe in terms of sports and leagues and the
guaranteed prize pools are among the biggest in Europe.

FanTeam`s buy-in-levels suits all wallet sizes, so you can easily find a game you like,
and use your sports knowledge to compete at the level you are comfortable with.

FanTeam also has advanced tools to help managers pick their teams, like expected
lineups and confirmed lineups which makes it faster and easier to select your teams.
Historic fantasy data and projections in direct connection to player prices, which
gives a realistic feel to the game!

FanTeam also has fast updates of points in more or less real time, and when you
combine this with a point system that is both exciting and easy to understand, you
have a winner.

Get to the FanTeam tournaments here

This was the Interview with Bjørn Fjellby. In the next article, Bjørn will give you advise on how to grow as a Daily fantasy sports player

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