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How to improve in Daily Fantasy Sports

How can you improve in Daily Fantasy Sports? Following up on yesterday’s article with Bjørn Fjellby he will here give you advise on how to grow as a Daily fantasy sports player. 

How to improve in Daily Fantasy Sports

How to select a team

What are you looking for in a team-selection?

In the world of daily fantasy, there is a well-known term called” Stacking”, which
means that you select several players from a team that you think will do well.
For football, more often than not, this means that you first look at which team is the
most likely to keep a clean sheet.

Football DFS Strategy Guide

So, by first looking at the fixture-list and try to find
the team(s) expect to not concede goals and select defensive players from here. It
might sound like a bit boring strategy, but the clean sheets will award you a lot of
points and there is often more valuable to be found with defenders than the other
Pairing is also a strategy I often use in the attacking part of my team, and you want to
find players usually contribute assists to each other. For example, a couple of years
ago when Leicester City tearing up the Premier League, a great paring was found in
Vardy & Mahrez.

Action Images via Reuters/ Craig Brough

So, we have talked about stacking in defense and pairing in an offense, but getting
your differential right always has a huge value! A differential player is a player that
you don’t expect many other to select that still can create a lot of points in the round
in question.
Good differentials are hard to define but can often be players that have a
history of performing well against the team they are facing the upcoming round, a
player that normally won’t start, but is getting game time because the first choice is
injured or similar. Get your differential cheap options right, and you are on your way
to Fantasy glory!

Which formations are usually the best?

REUTERS/Darren Staples
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The way the game is structured at this point I would play 5-3-2 or 5-2-3 since defense
often proves to give the best value for money, and it leaves you with a budget to get
the heavy hitters in the attack.

What is the most fun with playing Daily Fantasy sports on FanTeam?

It’s definetly the head to head tournaments I have against one of my colleagues. It
makes work more fun when you come into the office on Monday morning and your
captain has scored a hattrick for the win.

Darren Walsh
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Any final words of advice?

Since you are allowed to make changes to your team all the way until the first match
of a tournament starts, following the confirmed lineups is fundamental!

This was the post How to improve in Daily Fantasy Sports.

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