What is an H2H-tournament on FanTeam?

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Bring your inner competitive spirit to the Head to Head tournaments on FanTeam.

Daily Fantasy Sports is absolutely very competitive, compared to other various betting-formats. FanTeam offers a lot of big tournament in different sports on a regular basis with the chance of winning big money.

Besides FanTeams regular Daily Fantasy tournaments where you join and play against many others to show who has the best eye for managing the greatest possible team. FanTeam have the ”Head to Head” tournaments where you can challenge your friend, colleague, boss, sibling, cousin, enemy or a stranger. So here you can get a more personal look at who you are actually playing against and you can set the rules for the tournament as it fits you the best.

What makes our H2H competitions and Daily Fantasy sports more interesting than regular Fantasy sports is that you have more options. For example in regular fantasy football, you choose a starting line-up before Game Week 1 and after that, you can only change one player every round. On FanTeam you can choose a different starting line-up for every single game week, which makes the contest more lucrative. As a player, you can take a break from the game and not have to worry about injuries or suspensions in the same way.

Here where you create the H2H you can choose between your favorite sports of football, hockey, and Basketball. In football, you can choose between leagues like Premier League, Serie A, Swedish Allsvenskan, Elitserien in Norway, Russian Premier League and La Liga. You can also mix it up a lot, for example, you can choose, a Full Squad, Five-A-Side, Six-A-Side, Flexi-Five, Flexi-Six and Football Heroes (three players).

H2H-tournament on FanTeam overview

In ice hockey, we have the big leagues like NHL, KHL, Liiga, Extra Liga and SHL where you can choose between lineups like a regular 6-a-side, 8-a-side, and Hockey Heroes where you choose three players.

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In Basketball we at FanTeam have chosen only the biggest league, which is NBA. Here you can pick between 9 Players and 5 players.

So as you can see, here at FanTeam, we have a big selection of different sports, playing styles and of course, the best part FanTeams Head 2 Head competitions is that you can win big cash prizes.

Whoever you choose to play against,  to go up against someone in an H2H game you have to add your opponent to your ”Buddylist”. When the other person has confirmed your request, you click on “challenge” button on the dashboard. You will then be presented with a few simple steps to complete the request. You can also go to the “Challenge” tab in the header, and click on “New challenge”. If you would like to organize an open H2H game, go to the Tournament-lobby and click on —> Create H2H.

If you are playing against your boss or colleague, what we can guarantee is that it will be a lot of fun, but we can’t guarantee that it will be a good atmosphere after the H2H tournament.

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