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Rules for The World Championship of Fantasy Football

The World Championship of Fantasy Football is a series of satellite tournaments that lead to a big final that will run over GW 20 and GW 21. You combine the points from these game weeks and the one with most points gets crowned as the Fantasy World Champion.

World Cup trophy. Final between France and Croatia.
REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

The qualifiers will receive a ticket to the final, every ticket has a value of €1050 and there are only 30 tickets to be won in total for the grand final.

There is no possibility to buy in and go directly to the final, it’s only expertise that matters if you want to qualify to the final.

You cannot trade your ticket in exchange for money or sell tickets you have won to another player.

There is a possibility to qualify for the WCFF final multiple times, and there is no limit to how many times a user can qualify.

If the guarantee of seats is broken in a satellite, money will be paid out instead of additional tickets if this brings the total ticket count to more than 30 tickets.

The winners will be sent tickets for the big final with plenty of time before the fun at GW 20 starts.

The final will be played over GW 20 and GW 21. Both these game weeks will be played like a regular full round, and the combined result will crown the fantasy world champion. This means that you will get a budget of 100M like usual, and select 11 players +1 outfield sub. When GW 20 is over, new player prices will be added, and the same procedure will be held for GW 21 where you can start fresh and create a new team. The combination of points in GW 20 + GW 21 will decide the winners.

Prize board in the EFFC-final:

1st: 12 000 €

2nd: 8 000 €

3rd: 4 000 €

4th: 3 000 €

5th: 2 000 €

6th: 1 000 €

In the final of the WCFF, FanTeam will have 30 spots and a guaranteed prize pool of 30 000 €.