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Two AC Milan legends are going head to head tonight

Bologna will face AC Milan tonight at home and both the AC Milan legends Filippo Inzaghi and Gennaro Gattuso have talked to the media before this fixture.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in San Siro, Milan – Bologna Foto Image Sport / Insidefoto © Bildbyrån

“Gattuso is a great friend. We talked a little while ago when he was in trouble. It will be a special day. Milan has always been in my heart. The goals of Milan were clear,” Inzaghi said.

“In Athens, if we replayed the match 100 times, we would have won 99 times if we had Suso on the field because he is a player that makes the difference.

“The technical gap is there but we have to give the maximum and take care of the details. We have a great opportunity. There are still more than 20 matches to go. What we lack is a positive result. We improved in many things, but not enough to bring home the 3 points, but we have great responsibilities before our fans,” Inzaghi assumed.

In the AC Milan camp, it is pretty tough times at the moment, especially after losing against Olympiacos and therefore not going through the Europa League group stage.

Mister Gennaro Gattuso also spoke to the media before the game against Bologna: “I want to see the same performance as in Athens, but not the same individual mistakes as there. We fell asleep on certain episodes, we reviewed it. We must stay awake,” and continued.

“My players deserve respect. Many are packed away from here, perhaps for the Christmas season. I hear about who goes away. Athens must be a scar, we must remember it for how it matured. We have to grow a lot still, we make a lot of mistakes. I have to grow as well.

Higuain has had some troubling times this season and he hasn’t always looked very happy during the games and Gattuso is putting a bit of pressure on the Argentinian.

“Higuain? I talked to him. I think the first one disappointed is him. Right now we need his goals but also on the character level and level of experience. In times of difficulty, these are priorities, not just goals. But he must give something more.

For all the Calcio fanatics, it’s going to be interesting to see how these two coaches tackle this game tactically.

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