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TeLLer is the new World Champion!

Insights from Fantasy Football Champion TeLLer

We have a new champion of Fantasy Football! After running qualifiers in all of December, the final was decided on the 3rd of January, and the user with the nickname TeLLer came out on top!

FANTEAM: Congratulations on your victory and the winning of 12,000 euros! When did you get a feeling that your victory was within striking distance?

USER: Thank you so much for your words as well as for the very opportunity of winning! You know, despite the fact I had a 40-point advantage over Gaffel, presumably the most dangerous opponent for me (his team  encompassed a stack of three Man City players, including a captain), the experience involving the bitter one I had gained as a fantasy sports player, prevented me from any sense of confidence, and for good reason. In the end, the opponent was very close to overcome me. All he needed was but one point-scoring action from his captain accompanied by any of his remaining players. Fancy my relief when the final whistle blew!

Fanteam Winning Team Fantasy Football Championship Champion of Fantasy Football Tournament

TeLLer’s team in the two final rounds of WCFF. He was number 1 with a wide margin in round 1, but Gaffel came close in the final match of round 2. (Photo:

Fantasy Football Final with two gameweeks

FANTEAM: This year we have held a tournament consisting of two gameweeks. How do you feel about it?

USER: My feelings are absolutely positive. Had I not been victorious, I would still have maintained my favourable impression as the competing process was abundant in emotions. I assume I may have not won the tournament in case it consisted of one gameweek. In that case I would have used another approach to picking up the team.

FANTEAM: Do you dedicate a lot of spare time to fantasy football?

USER: More than I should, I guess. Apart from your platform, I am currently an active user in two fantasy football hosting sites where I can play for money, though I am not as committed to them as to Fanteam. Also, you can find my teams on free sites like FPL, and sign-up here.

Check out the tournament lobby here.

FANTEAM: Is your qualifying to the WCFF the result of putting much efforts into it or did it happen by chance?

USER: The proper definition would be the combination of effort and luck, especially when reflecting on how I managed to win a ticket. I remember GW15 coming to an end with no clean sheet made. Tottenham Hotspur were the last team to hold the clean sheet but eventually they conceded a goal at the third minute of the stoppage time. I feel so much indebted to you, Charlie Austin!

FANTEAM: How long have you been engaged in fantasy sports and what was the reason behind arousing your interest at the very beginning?

USER: Once upon a time I used to play a football online manager game. When that project ceased to exist I started searching for some similar stuff. Consequently, my mind turned to and its existing fantasy tournaments. I had been aware of their presence but for some reasons was not eager enough to participate. After I started playing there I got drawn into it. I became an active player as far back as the 2014/2015 season.  In February 2016 I got to know about daily fantasy. At first I didn’t rush into it, preferring free rolls. Since autumn 2016, however, I turned to more intense playing.

Tips for fantasy sports beginners

FANTEAM: Can you elaborate a little bit on how you pick up a team? Could you share a few tips with the beginners?

USER: Following the majority of fantasy sports players, I pay close attention to bookmaker odds, preliminary line-ups, lists of injured and suspended players in addition to studying statistics of the previous matches. I try to take as few chances as possible when it comes to players that are not certain to start. For newbies I can recommend taking an extremely serious approach to choosing teams, investigating the opponents’ teams as well as being willing to take risk within reasonable limits. It is also necessary to cultivate patience. Everyone may go through a rough patch, including myself. Money losses can last for weeks or even months and yet, one huge success will compensate them all.

FANTEAM: Thank you for playing on! Is there anything you feel should be added to the platform?

USER: I, for my part, thank you for the opportunities you provide! There can be no complaints about the functionality of the site. Things work fine, support service is fast at responding, the guarantees are always excellent. I wish I could see more unique tournaments like WCFF. Haven’t you considered launching a season game in this format? But don’t include satellites, please! 😉

Compete with TeLLer in this week’s €25,000 GTD here.

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