Announcement: The sub is gone!

Fantasy Football Rule Changes – No more Sub

There is a change in the daily fantasy format, as of this weekend: We will no longer have a sub, so now you only need to pick 11 players, not 12.

If you have tried to enter a team for the upcoming competitions, you will have noticed that the sub is gone. This is good news, as most people simply picked the cheapest player in the game for this spot. It was just a hassle and did not add any fun to the game. The decision to cut the sub was made by the provider of our fantasy sports games, Scout Gaming, and we think it is a wise decision. It is part of the on-going efforts to constantly try to make the dfs games more entertaining.

Hopefully, you will find the change to be an improvement for the overall fantasy football experience.

All the best,

The FanTeam Crew

Look! No sub!