What is Late swap and how does it work?

Fanteam is introducing “Late swap” for Champions League. It is a nice feature that makes it more comfortable to play multi-day fantasy sports tournaments. Now you can edit your team if you have players that do not show up in the line-up on day 2!

Late Swap Option coming to Fantasy Football CL

We have all been there. Our fantasy team is doing great. There is only one match left in the round and you have several players scheduled to play, so you can get even higher on the scoreboard. But tragedy strikes; somehow they are not in the line-up for the last match! All that you have built in the previous matches is suddenly being torn down. Is there not a way to avoid this? There is, and it is called “Late swap”. Although Late swap has some disadvantages of its own for fantasy sports, it is very cool.

What is Late swap and how does it work?
What if one or more of my Wolverhampton defenders do not start the game?

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How late swap works for Fantasy Football

In tournaments with this format, it is possible to sell and replace players at any time after the registration deadline has passed, as long as the match with the players in question has not started. This means that in a multi-day single gameweek competition, you pick your team as usual and enter it before the deadline, but on day 2, you can change your dream team when you see the line-ups. You are free to do it regardless of your motivation to do so. If you suddenly change your opinion of which ones are the best picks, that works too!

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Bear in mind, you are not allowed to sell players from matches that have already started. That would be crazy! Also, please note that there is no vice captain in this format. Obviously, you still have to keep the total price of the team within the budget.

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If you play a tournament with this format, please let us know if you like it or not!

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