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Introducing One Bullet tournaments!

Fanteam is introducing “One Bullet” tournaments. Many of our users have requested tournaments where they do not have to compete against users who have 20-30 entries. Now everybody will be on the same playing field!

Giving everyone in fantasy sports a fair chance – One Bullet Tournaments

Introducing One Bullet tournaments! on fanteam

Our aim is obviously to keep everybody happy, newcomers, recreational players, and more serious players alike. We have come to the conclusion that in order to do that, we need to offer our more inexperienced dfs players a wider selection of tournaments that is better suited to their needs.

While we work out exactly how the weekly tournament selections should be, we are taking the first step this week to offer “the small players” more. Friday at 20:45 CET is the starting point for our regular €11 buy-in, 25,000 guaranteed Premier League tournament. At the same time however, we will start our €10 buy-in, 5000 guaranteed ONE BULLET tournament! If you do not like to compete against users who have more fantasy teams than you, this is the perfect competition for you! We have leveled the playing field! To make it even more fun, we added our new, popular feature Late Swap to the mix. Like a real manager, you can make changes for each new match if you so desire!

A wider array of fantasy sports tournaments is better for everyone

The main reason that tournaments with unlimited number of entries per user are popular with fantasy sport providers like ourselves, is of course that they offer bigger prize pools. Big prize pools are a lot of fun and we are going to continue to build tournaments like our 25k GTD €11 buy-in to be even bigger.

At the same time, there will be tournaments with more moderate pools, but many of our customers have said that smaller pools are ok, as long as they can compete on a level playing field. Time will tell if making the experience better for fantasy sports newcomers and recreational players will be better for everyone. We believe so.

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New tournament type to be introduced on Friday

This week we all need to be at our feet a little bit sooner than usual. Premier League is starting on Friday, and with only 8 matches in the gameweek, we had little choice other than to start the round a day sooner than normal. There are kick-offs in both Spain and Italy the same day. Serie A and La Liga have encountered increased interest the last few weeks and they will both have prize pools at around 1000 euro. Realizing that both leagues have very few line-ups ready at deadline and starting XIs being notoriously hard to predict, we have decided to make them Late swap. Never again having players in your team that are nowhere to be seen!

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