Fantasy Football Newcomer wins first One Bullet!

Sucess of the New Fantasy Sports Format – One Bullet

The winner of the inaugural One Bullet was Diwoodma. A user name not known to us, and as it turned out: For good reason. The guy had registered on Fanteam only three days before, on Thursday!

We were hoping that the new concept of one user, one bullet, was going to make it easier for fantasy sports newcomers to fight for the top places, and that was exactly what happened. Not only did we get a winner that was not experienced on Fanteam, but as we checked the top 20, the usual suspects were few and far between. The reception from our users was good too, 316 runners was satisfactory on a Friday, and we expect the numbers to go up in the coming weeks. The next chance to play One Bullet comes already on Tuesday, the tournament is once again equipped with Late Swap and a guarantee of 5,000 euro. Are you in?

Fantasy Football winning Team - One Bullet Format
Here is the fantasy team of the winner!


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