New fantasy format Man of The Match debuts!

New fantasy football format – Man of the Match

We are introducing Man of The Match this week. This exciting format require the user to pick exactly one player per match, and combines it with Late Swap. The game is best suited for a league where the matches plays one or two at a time, like La Liga, but we think it can work well for Premier League too. One of the nice characteristics of the game is that it is very easy to see who is in the lead, as at any point in the round all entries will have used the same amount of players! Imagine a field of athletes running over a field, every athlete in their own track, and you can easily see who are advancing and who are falling behind! Which makes for fun tactics too, when the last few matches are coming up…

These are the things you need to know about Man of The Match:

  • Entries must have exactly one player per match (the software will stop you from having more than one)
  • Late Swap, which means that you can buy and sell players even after the deadline for the tournament, but only those players who play in matches that have not started
  • If all matches are set to start at different times, you can change your next pick one match at a time (or, several matches at the same time)
  • No captain (because having one would make it harder to see who is really in the lead)
  • We will test this tournament this week in La Liga with a €10 buy-in (inclusive rake, the tournament costs in fact 9.09 + 0.91 = 10).
  • Test the format on Friday and have one leg up on the opponents with your experience when the format most likely soon gets used in bigger tournaments.
  • 500 euro guaranteed prize pool
  • There are 10 matches in La Liga, so in this case your team will consist of 10 players.
  • There are similar formation restrictions as the regular fantasy sports game (but not identical, because there are less than 11 players).
  • If you see that you are falling behind when there are only a few matches left, you can consider to choose more outsiders, in order to bypass the leaders.
  • If you are leading late in this tournament, you may want to pick the safe choices in the last few matches.
  • Friday’s test tournament starts at 21:00 CET.
Ok, so that’s it! Please try out this new fantasy football format and let us know if you enjoyed it!

New Fantasy Football Format - Man of the match