Interview with Diwoodma, winner of the first One Bullet fantasy sports tournament

One Bullet Tournaments – The new fantasy sports format

One Bullet is a new format that aims to make it easier for newcomers to win in daily fantasy. So far, it is working well. The first tournament was won by a guy that signed up with Fanteam to play DFS only days before! We wanted to know more about him, and here is the interview.

Interview with Diwoodma

Who is the man behind the username Diwoodma?

My name is Dmitry, and I’m 30 years old. I am married and bring up children. I live in a charming Vyborg city in Russia. I work as a joiner, and in my spare time, I play poker. And now it’s also fantasy sports!

How did you get acquainted with fantasy sports?

I heard about fantasy sports on Leonid Lebronkas stream. He mentioned a new player gets a free ticket, so I decided to try.

Once upon a time, back at school, I was fascinated by a football manager and was playing the Championship. I fell in love with figures and statistics at that time, so the fantasy sports immediately came to my liking.

How did you prepare for your first Fanteam tournament?

It was quite standard – I looked at the schedule of matches, studied teams and players. Frankly speaking, I changed my dfs team roster three times before the matches started!

What place did you expect to take in that fantasy sports tournament?

I did not think about it at all since it was kind of freeroll for me – I received a free ticket and in any case, wouldn’t lose anything. Excitement appeared after my dream team was in third place on the first day. I was sure that I would roll down, but everything went well (though one more goal Lacazette would have dropped me down to 10th place).

Did your participation in the fantasy football tournament increase your interest in watching matches?

Sure! It was terribly engaging to watch the progress of all the matches. And now I have started following all the football news, I feel like I’m diving deep into this world.

How did you feel when I got first place?

I did not watch the last matches on Sunday and found out the result only when I got home from work. I was so delighted when I saw my team took first place. Yes, and the prize of 665 euros was very pertinent. I withdrew part of the winnings and left part of it on Fanteam for the next game.

I consider One Bullet as an attractive and fair tournament. Since each player can enter with one team only, it equates chances of amateur and professional players.

We thank Diwoodma for the interview and wish him the best of luck in future dfs competitions! 

Interview with Diwoodma - Fantasy football DFS winning team - One bullet format
Diwoodma’s winning team in One Bullet.

This was the Interview with Diwoodma, winner of the first One Bullet fantasy sports tournament. Read more interviews.

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