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SpicerQQ on how to play Fantasy Basketball

Learn more about successful Daily Fantasy Player SpicerQQ and read his tips on how to play fantasy Basketball in his interview.

Interview with one of europe’s best fantasy basketball players

SpicerQQ is a successfull player on FanTeam. He is involved in many sports and leagues, but his heart beats especially fast for fantasy basketball and fantasy NBA. Maybe he can tell us how we should set up our NBA fantasy team?

NBA Fantasy Basketball is fun

FanTeam: Rumour has it, that you enjoy playing NBA on FanTeam?
SpicerQQ: Yes, it is a very good experience now. It seems like FanTeam put in a lot of effort to improve the player pricing and now it works well! These days, I see a lot of savvy dfs participants that I did not see last year, like Dzigernjaca, nastra82, AmkarPerm, jabbajabba and Ajdin.B. Competing against them is a challenge, but that is a big part of what makes it fun for me.

FanTeam: Thank you for those kind words. It is true that we have changed the way we price NBA players, with the goal that regardless which player you pick, you will get some value for your money. 

SpicerQQ: Yes, fair prices actually makes it easier for fantasy sports beginners to win. Also, I like that FanTeam are continuously improving the site. New formats and leagues keep popping up. The support is great, and I never had problems with withdrawals, which is kind of rare in the sportsbetting business. All in all, I am very positive about fantasy sports on Fanteam.

How to play Fantasy NBA and create great teams

Fanteam: The main challenge is still to create a great fantasy basketball team. Can you give us some advice on how you create your dream team?

SpicerQQ: Actually, it is super easy and you only need to pay attention to 3 things when playing fantasy basketball.

  1. Always check odds for OVER/UNDER TOTAL GOALS. It is always better to pick players from games where the over/under line is at 230 instead of 200. In matches with a lot of goals, players will simply have more opportunities to score fantasy points.
  2. Which team that wins or loses plays no role in fantasy basketball, but it is very important to try to focus on CLOSE GAMES. For example, if a team is favored by approximately 15 points there is a real concern that there could be a blowout and the stars wont play in the 4th quarter.
  3. My last point is actually the most important one. In NBA you have a lot of injuries and players are sometimes resting games so you need a good site, where you can check who is playing and who is not for your fantasy basketball team. The best site to do this is:

If a player is questionable (Q) or doubtful (D), I don’t roster him in my fantasy team, but if a player is probable (P) I sometimes take the gamble and pick him! Of course, if a player is marked as OUT it is even easier to know what to do!

FanTeam: That is very helpful for the new fantasy sports fans. Thank you for the interview!

how to play fantasy Basketball - Top Picks by SpicerQQ

This was the Interview “SpicerQQ on how to play fantasy Basketball”.

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