The Daily Football Event – Stairway to CL Heaven is here!

The CL Fantasy Football Event

We all dream of being ringside at the Champions League final. Fortunately, dreams do sometimes come true! All you need to do, is to win the Stairway to CL Heaven final, a two-gameweek fantasy Premier League tournament running from May 4th to 12th. Assemble your best fantasy football team, and you can win 2 tickets to the Champions League final in Madrid June 1st – with free accommodation.

How to participate in the dfs tournament

You can get into the Stairway to CL Heaven final in three ways:

1. Direct buy-in for €200 (opens up the last week before Final starts)
2. Qualify via one of our €2 buy-in satellites (5 final tickets GTD)
3. Qualify via one of our freerolls (3-4 final tickets GTD)

All qualifiers are one-gameweek regular daily fantasy football, as we are all used to. The final consists of two separate game weeks, and the player that gets the best total score of two rounds combined, wins the package.


Big Cash prizes are awaiting

In the final there will be consolation cash prizes to the players placed from 2nd-20th place.
The consolation prizes will depend on the total number of participants in the final, but a full pay out structure with for example with 100 entries would look like this:

1st place will win the main prize with two CL-Final tickets and accommodation that has a €12 000 value.
2nd to 20th place will receive a distribution of €8 500:
2nd = €2000
3rd = €1500
4th = €1000
5th = €700
6th = €500
7th-20th = €200

For each entry over 100, we will add that buy-in (minus rake) to the consolation prize pool.

Key dates:
April 9th: 2€ buy-in satellite (Champions League)
April 12th: Freeroll (Premier League)
April 16th: 2€ buy-in satellite (Champions League)
April 20th: Freeroll (Premier League)
April 26th: Freeroll (Premier League)
April 30th: 2€ buy-in satellite (Champions League)
May 4th: First round of Stairway to CL Heaven final (Premier League)
May 12th: Second round of Stairway to CL Heaven final (Premier League)
June 1st: Champions League final in Madrid

Rules for the fantasy football tournament

1. The first prize of CL final tickets and accommodation is personal and cannot be sold or traded.
2. You cannot trade tickets to the Stairway to Champions League Heaven final in exchange for money or sell such tickets you have won to another player.
3. The maximum entries for a single user in the final is 3 entries. This means that any user qualify for the Stairway to CL Heaven final more than 3 times will receive cash instead of an additional seat in the final.
4. If the guarantee of seats is reached in a satellite, extra tickets will be generated based on the prize pool.
5. The fantasy football final will be played over GW 37 and 38 for Premier League. Both these game weeks will be played like a regular full round, and the winner will be the player who has the best combined result.
6. You will get a budget of 100M like usual and select 11 players. When GW 37 is over, new player prices will be added for GW 38, and the procedure will be repeated. You can make a brand-new dfs team in GW38, independent of your GW37 team.



Terms & Conditions
– Only one person per IP address or household may participate in the free qualifications, paid satellites and the final.
– Fanteam has the right to exclude any entry from the Promotion and / or alter the Promotion (including cancellation), if Fanteam or game provider Scout Gaming Group believes that the Promotion is being abused or is not capable of running as planned.
– In any dispute relating to this competition, Scouts Gaming Groups decision is final, and any ruling made by Scout Gaming Group is binding and not subject to review or appeal by you or any third party.
– The Terms and Conditions of the Promotion were prepared in English. If there are any inconsistencies with translated versions, the English version shall apply.
– By accepting these prizes, you agree to Fanteam and gaming provider Scout Gaming Group uses your first name and place of residence for promotional purposes.
– Fanteam and Scouts general Terms and Conditions apply.
– The winner of the main prize will be responsible of holding the necessary documents to travel to Spain such as valid passport, Visa to enter Spain and similar. Brand name and Scout Gaming Group is not responsible in any way if you are unable to go based on missing documentations.
– The winner of the competition will receive the prize in person on the day of the final (1st of June 2019) at the hotel accommodated by winning the competition. Failing to collect the prizes at the agreed time and place will be considered forfeiting the prize, and Fanteam and Scout Gaming Group is not responsible for any compensation of the missed prize.

Champions League Final City
Plaza Mayor in Madrid