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Introducing continuous High Roller Events

Fanteam is introducing High Roller Events starting this Monday with the Ice Hockey World Cup. Compete with the best!

The Ice Hockey World Cup has been amazing so far. We’ve had a lot of fun here with Fanteam thanks to the surprising and interesting games. Let’s hope the cup continues to be this great – we are sure of it.


Ice Hockey World Cup High Roller Event – play with high stakes
First of all, we are happy to announce that on Monday a High Roller event for the Ice Hockey World Cup with 200€ buy-in will be opened. Many of our users have requested this and we are always happy to convert the valuable feedback into new events. A High Roller event is a tournament where you play for a huge pot – a pricepool of at least 5.000€ is guaranteed. We hope this animates the best of the best to compete!


Satellite Tournaments  – giving everyone a chance
Since we know that not everyone can participate so easily in these big tournaments, we have several satellite tournaments this weekend – starting today, which allow you to qualify for the High Roller tournament. This means that by playing a smaller tournament, you can win the entry for the big High Roller tournament, where you can then cash in big. This way, everyone has a fair opportunity and pure skill should succeed in the end.


More High Roller Events to come – set your mark in the community
The above introduced High Roller event for Monday is only the beginning of a series of continuous similar events in the future – for a variety of sports. You can be hyped for many opportunities to compete with the best for a large prize pool in the upcoming time. Be prepared and start to get your data right! Continuous high ranks in these visible tournaments will allow you to build up a name in the community and be recognized by your good analyses and smart decisions.


Additional prizes for the winner – Interview & Ticket
Last, but not least, we have a special surprise for the winner. We want to give credit to the players, that are able to take home such a big tournament, which is why we will happily lead an interview with the winner and post it on our blog. An additional ticket for the next High Roller tournament is guaranteed as well – so that the best will continue to play.

We wish you success and a lot of fun with the upcoming changes. Maybe you will be the big winner this time!