Interview with IHC High Roller Tournament Winner SpicerQQ

The Interview with IHC High Roller Tournament Winner SpicerQQ. If you have played daily fantasy sports on FanTeam, you might have already noticed SpicerQQ’s name appear quite    often at the top leader boards in various sports.

Our featured player has been incredibly successful over the last year in DFS  and took home the major High Roller Ice Hockey Tournament this week.

As addition to the prize money and a free ticket for the next High Roller event, an interview was promised to the winner. We, at FanTeam, are quite happy that we get a chance to introduce this high profile DFS player now to the community.

Ice Hockey daily fantasy tournament winning team
The winning Team of the High Roller Ice Hockey Tournament

Interview with IHC High Roller Tournament Winner SpicerQQ

First of all, congratulations on the High Roller Tournament win. Could you please introduce yourself shortly to begin the interview?

Thanks a lot! First of all, I want to say, that Khan deserved to win this tournament, because his performance during this WC Hockey is just stunning. Huge credit to this guy.
Back to me, I am 28 years old, born in Georgia, raised in Germany and consider myself the average daily fantasy player who just loves sports and gambling.

When did you start playing DFS, and how did you get into it?

To be honest I don’t really remember when and how I started to play on FanTeam. But I used to be a professional poker player and one of the best eSports players in Germany and I think that DFS just combines Poker and eSports – so obviously I fell in love with it.

Maybe you can tell us about your first experiences with daily fantasy and your path towards the top. How did your first tournaments go? What lessons did you learn along the way and what was the biggest obstacle to become one of the best players in Europe?

It took me some time to understand DFS but the moment I realised how amazing this game is, I started to invest a lot of time into it. Most people still don’t understand that fantasy sports is pure skill. There is basically no luck involved and in the long run the people who put the most work into it will succeed. I mean, we can see it in the WC Hockey with Khan, or in MLB with EventHorizon2. These guys are crushing it and it has nothing to do with luck. Its pure work ethic and knowledge.

How I got good? Well that is easy to answer, I simply love competition and now I will put a lot work into MLB (I am one of the worst baseball players at the moment on FanTeam) just to become as good as EventHorizon2.

Since the community is impressed by your frequent wins, could you give some insights on the research process you do before each event?

I would love to tell the community all my tricks and tips but it would take me hours and I think no one has the time to read it. But there is amazing content out there. For example if you understand Russian you should check out this channel – really amazing and funny content. This guy deserves more credit for his creative videos.

If you speak German, you can check out this twitch channel: I barely know this guy, but he contacted me yesterday and I went there live and helped him a bit with some insights. Maybe I will go live tomorrow as well and give him tips for the hockey events.

We see you at the top of the tables in across all sports on FanTeam. Are there any sports you like to play more than others? And if yes, why?

Clearly NBA. With NBA I did build my Bankroll on FanTeam and I think at the moment there is nobody who could beat me in NBA on FanTeam. But I have to a say I saw some decent players lately playing NBA on FanTeam like: Valdezauras, Kante7, Dzigernjaca or Henry.L. So lets see what the new season will bring us! 🙂

Perfect, thanks! And maybe one short question to help the less experienced readers. What are in your opinion the biggest mistakes that a new player makes?

First of all you need Bankroll Management. If you don’t know what this is, just go google it please and you will find a lot of content. Bankroll Management is the most important thing, if you have good Bankroll Management, you will be successful – trust me on this. Never tilt, don’t be greedy, do your research before you enter Teams, yes – just the basic tips.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years regarding DFS?  And where do you see the European community headed?

For me, Daily fantasy sports is and will be a hobby even though I see the possibility to live from it. I think it is very important to find hobbies that you enjoy and have upside to make money with it. Because you know my girlfriend thinks shopping is a cool hobby and she just spends all my money haha..

But for example, I think I won this year around 20.000€ on FanTeam and it allows me to go to places I have never been before. My lifestyle has really changed thanks to daily fantasy sports.

DFS player - SpicerQQ

On this picture I was last weekend in London, because I love wine and I just wanted to visit the Hedonism Wine store in London, it’s the most amazing place in the world if you want to taste some wine.

In terms of the European community, I am quite positive that DFS will continue to grow and soon the first professional players here will be able to live by doing what they enjoy. I also think that it becomes soon more integrated into the sports culture.

I think DFS is totally different than sports betting. Nobody makes money with sports betting, even if these guys on Facebook or wherever are telling you how much money they make, it is not possible.  In my opinion it is just a scam. You cannot beat a bookie. It is impossible!

But on the other hand, you can make a lot of money with fantasy sports. For me it is just a matter of time that a lot of people will quit sports betting and start to play daily fantasy. The same with poker, I used to make 10k€ a month with Poker but now I can’t even play break even on most sites. I believe that Poker will be dead very soon!

Also, FanTeam is doing an amazing job. I have never had problems with cash outs, FanTeam keeps improving their site continuously and the user numbers increasing for the last 4 years. In my opinion it is the best time to start with daily fantasy sports in Europe.

Thank you so much for the interview and taking the time, SpicerQQ

No problem, happy to do it!

This was the Interview with IHC High Roller Tournament Winner SpicerQQ. Read more interviews.

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