Tennis: Brand new points rules as Wimbledon starts; DFS and multi-gameweek!

It is a small revolution! We wanted to improve our tennis scoring system and decided to start from scratch with nothing being off limits. The result is exciting, as we believe these are the best tennis points scoring rules in the fantasy business! The system will naturally be used in our daily Wimbledon tournaments, starting July 1st, but there will be a season game for Wimbledon too, with big guarantees!

The point system is designed to reward tennis players who win big. The more superior a player is, the more points will be assigned to him/her. A player that loses big will get very few points. In extreme cases even negative points can be awarded. Please note that a player that loses a game narrowly still can accumulate a nice chunk of points, as he has put up a good fight and should be rewarded for that.

For keeping track of the fantasy points in a set, a lot depends on how mange games are won and lost by the player during the set. If the difference between won and lost games is one or two, the points awarded to the player are less than if the difference is bigger. The opponent will get more points if he only loses by one or two games in a set.

The difference in won and lost games per set will result in points awarded even when the match is on-going. Already, if the score is 2-0 in the first set, we will give 8 points to the leader and 4 points to his opponent! If the player can increase his lead to 3-0, he will get even more points (and his opponent will lose some). Worth noting is that these are temporarily points and they can change a lot during a set. Once the set has been finished, final points for that part of the match will be awarded. To ensure a balance between 3 set matches and 5 set matches, the amount of points possible to accumulate per set is higher for 3 set matches.

The complete scoring system for tennis!

Multi-gameweek competition: Wimbledon Championship €5,000 GTD

The new points scoring will be used not only in the daily tournaments for Wimbledon, but for our new multi-gameweek tournament as well. We wanted to have some kind of seasonal game for Wimbledon, but traditional season game does not work well for cup style tournaments where you get less and less involved players pr round. In Wimbledon, all users would have all active players in the final, semi final and probably quarter final. Where is the fun in that? So, we decided to introduce a new variant. We will have a competition that runs for the whole Wimbledon tournament, where users create a team before it all starts, but their teams will be fixed for the whole period. No transfers allowed. In other words, you need to pick players who you think will go far in the tournament. The multi-gameweek tournament format will be 4 women + 4 men. We are excited for this new type of competition, and have set the guarantees high:

€5 buy-in -> €1,000 GTD
€100 buy-in -> €5,000 GTD


We hope you will enjoy the upcoming tennis competitions!

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