Fantasy Premier League Season 19/20 – Introducing the 250.000 Guarantee Tournament on Fanteam

Fanteam is proudly announcing the new Fantasy Premier League Season 19/20 tournament, which has been opened for registration this week. You can already start to enter your first draft!

Show your Fantasy Football Manager skills and win 50.000€

While everybody is waiting for the summer break to finish and to watch the football season finally again, you already have the chance to start preparing your teams for the official premier league start on the 18th of August.

Season Game - Fantasy Football Linuep

Fantasy Premier League Season 19/20

Since last year’s season game has been so successful, we are going one step further this time and have some exciting news for you.

Enjoy the Premier League Season 19/20 with our improved Tournament

While you have enjoyed your summer holidays, Fanteam has been working day and night to improve the prizes, rules and settings. We are quite happy with the made changes and  confident that you will enjoy the new PL Season on Fanteam even more this year.

New Life-changing prizes

In our short history, we already gave out special prices, such as the Champions League VIP tickets, where our winners had the chance to meet many stars, like Xabi Alonso in person. Last year, the winner of the season tournament was able to afford with the accumulated prizes a flat for his family. We, at Fanteam are always happy to hear such stories and will continue to give out life-changing prizes. But this year, we are raising the stakes and can promise a minimum of 250.000€ guarantees and the winner will receive at least 50.000€.

New Side-Events

In order to maximize the fun and to be able to receive prizes even if you did not perform so well in the first few gameweeks, we will have again continiuosly a manager of the month award, with a prize of 1.000€ for the first place. In addition to that, we will introduce a manager of the gameweek prize, which gives out 400€ every week to the top performers.

New Prize Structure

We completely changed the game for fantasy sports – this year, we have guaranteed 250.000€ to win amongst the players. The prizes among the main event are spread among the first 20%, which ensures that even newer players will have a good chance of recovering their buy-in. The new prize structure is as follows and will be shown in full detail at the end of the post.

  • 250.000€ minimum guarantees
  • 50.000€ for the first prize
  • 1.250 prizes in total!
  • Prizes to the best monthly manager
  • Prizes to the best gameweek manager

New Rules

At Fanteam, we always aim to improve and to make the game about you. Therefore, we actively listen to your suggestions and complaints. This year, we overhauled the rules to ensure that you will enjoy this tournament even more. For example, a goalkeeper save will from now on gather you 0.5 points instead of the complex system with 3 saves count towards the first point.

A note towards our new players coming from the FPL season game. At Fanteam, we like to keep things simple – therefore, we are not applying as many chips as you might be used to. We do have a double point bonus for your captain though. In case you are desperately unhappy with your setup, there is also the possibility to completely change your team with two available wildcards, one for each half of the season.

The entire rules can be found here.

Join now and show your skills

The buy in will be 25€ for each team you register. Please remember that we have only 12.000 seats available and they are about to be filled soon. So, save your seats and keep the chance to win 50.000€. You can register here.

We, at Fanteam wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to a wonderful fantasy season with you.

The Premier League Season Game 19/20 Prize Pools

€250,000 GTD Season game

PositionPrize levelPlacesTotal
4th€ 80001€ 8000
5th€ 60001€ 6000
6th€ 50001€ 5000
7th€ 40001€ 4000
8th€ 30001€ 3000
9th€ 20001€ 2000
10th€ 15001€ 1500
11-20th€ 100010€10000
21-30th€ 75010€ 7500
31-40th€ 50010€ 5000
41-50th€ 40010€ 4000
51-75th€ 30025€ 7500
76-100€ 20025€ 5000
101-150€ 15050€ 7500
151-200€ 10050€ 5000
201-300€ 75100€ 7500
301-400€ 60100€ 6000
401-500€ 50100€ 5000
501-750€ 40250€10000
751-1250€ 25500€12500

Manager of the Month

PositionPrize levelMonthsTotal
1st€ 10009€ 9000
2nd€ 5009€ 4500
3rd€ 2509€ 2250
4th€ 1009€ 900
5-19th€ 509€ 6750

Best game week manager

PositionPrize levelGameweeksTotal
1st€ 25038€9500
2nd€ 15038€5700
3rd€ 5038€1900

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