How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League – 4 Tips

How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League is a common question among fantasy managers. It is important to realize that season long fantasy games are very different from the daily fantasy tournaments we have every day at Fanteam. In this article we will look at some important concepts for the season game.

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How to approach the seasonal Premier League fantasy game

In the season game, you have 15 players on your team, because in such a game you need substitutes. Try to have some decent substitutes, but don’t spend too much money on players that you won’t field every game week. If you are not yet not familiar with fantasy sports, read the Football DFS Strategy Guide.

Because you have a limit of 100M to spend on players, you will inevitably find yourself short of money. For this reason, it is important that you always question yourself: Does this player provide good enough value for this price? The ones setting the prices for the game tried to set them in such a way, that all players have about the same value, but it is your job to try to figure out where they made mistakes! We will get back to that a little bit later in the article.

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How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League – 4 tips

In our experience, the forwards generally are priced too high in the season game. Very few forwards return enough points to justify their high price. Since value (expected points divided by price) is low, mathematics dictate that we should not put in much money in this position.

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Tip #1: Don’t spend much money on forwards

For this article on how to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League, we played around with some numbers. For example, we looked at how many points the top players got last season and compared it to their price in the upcoming season. While this method is far from perfect, it can give us some interesting numbers. In the illustration, you can see that Jimenez (Wolverhampton) was the only one with a theoretical value over 21. While among defenders, there are many who has such a value and even some over 30! That is a big difference, in terms of what you are getting for your money. For this reason, we recommend that you buy at most two forwards who are decent or better. The third one can, in fact, be a super cheap forward that you don’t expect to use, just to free up some money!

Tip #2: Get 5 decent defenders

In the season game, you are forced to buy 2 keepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. While four players obviously will be on the bench, how many to field from each position is not easy to figure out. Consensus in the fantasy word seem to move somewhat away from the previously popular 3-4-3 and towards 4-5-1 and 3-5-2. Bear in mind that even if you only field 4 defenders on average, you still need 5 playable defenders, because they are so vulnerable to what opposition they have on any given day.

For example, if you have a moderately priced defender that plays away to Tottenham, ideally he should be benched and replaced with someone who has an easier task. Compare this to the forwards, who are not vulnerable to opposition to the same extent. For example Jimenez could be fielded in an away match to Tottenham. So, you need 5 defenders who are at least decent, so you can rotate depending on schedule. Since the value on good defenders are so big, we recommend having at least 3 top-notch, pricey defenders + 2 decent ones.

Advice #3: Try to avoid single transfers

How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League midfielder points and prices

How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League is getting challenging, once the season has started, you will be occupied with transfers. When players get injured or fall out of favour with the manager, you need to get rid of them.

Maybe there is a player who is on fire at the moment, that you just must have on your team! The rule for transfers at Fanteam is: You get one free transfer per round. If you buy more than one player in a round, it will cost you 4 points per player.

It is allowed to save up free transfers, but the maximum number is two free transfers. Conventional wisdom says that transfers that cost you 4 minus points rarely is the right play. Stick to the FT’s!

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How to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League keeper prices

It is tempting to use this free transfer one at a time. But it may be better to save up, and use double transfers every other round. The reason is that when you use one transfer, you are very limited in price range and in position. If you have maxed out your budget, the replacement needs to be priced the same or cheaper. His position needs to be the same, as well. However, if you have two transfers available, you can sell an expensive midfielder + a cheap defender, and get a cheap midfielder + an expensive defender! The double transfers are just so more flexible!

Tip #4: Plan ahead

When you are playing the season game, you are not only interested in the opposition in the next match for the player. You are also looking at the next 5-6 fixtures for him. Your perspective should not only be the short term but the medium term as well. Especially if you are considering a player from a mid-table club, opposition in the next fixtures is an important factor. Even more so, if it is a defender. Overall, try to plan in such a manner that you always have 9-11 decent players for each of the next 5-6 fixtures. This of course applies even when you are selecting the team you will start the season with!

Ok, that’s what we had for you this time around. In the end you will have to make your own choices of course, but hopefully, some of our ideas in this post put you on the right track! Seasonal fantasy games for dummies

Leave your feedback on our 4 tips on how to win the Seasonal Fantasy Premier League in the comment section!

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