Weekly Monster

The 50K Weekly Monster returns – GW5

Our experts at Fanteam have gathered some additional tips to make your drafts even better. So here are some solid picks and some, from which you better keep away.

Ones to watch

Sergio Aguero 14.6m

6 goals and an assist so far this season Aguero makes for a perfect captain material. The Argentinian is well rested with no international games for him in contrast with many premier league assets. Norwhich is missing most their defense and even in their best of days they cannot be considered solid at the back.

Jamie Vardy 9.6m

Although he had a slow start with Leicester at GW1, he now seems on form. With 3 goals and an assist so far, Vardy is looking to bag some goals against a very struggling Manchester United defense. I don’t know if the AWB injury rumors are true then it just makes Vardy more of an attractive of an option.

Haller 9.4m

Even a cheaper option can is West Ham’s Haller at 9.4m. Has 3 goals in 4 matches which is not bad at all for a budget forward if you consider he has the same goals with Harry Kane. Aston Villa  have conceded 6 goals in 4 matches and Haller is looking to extent that number

Barnes 6.9m

I can’t believe that Barnes is only priced at 6.9m! He has 4 goals in for equal number of gameweeks and proved that is more than reliable. Playing against Brighton away is not the easiest of matches but Burnley seem more and more like the team we knew 2 seasons ago without Europa league commitments.

Manchester City defense

Man City have one of the most consistent and solid defenses in the premier league and in gameweek they are playing Norwich. Ederson is a great choice and now that Laporte is injured, Otamendi is stepping up.


Avoid like the plague

Manchester United

I am staying away from United defense until further notice. Lindelof seems like a Sunday league player and the defense is losing clean sheets to every single team except Chelsea. And that’s how they got us. Abraham’s shot hit the post and they got away with the clean sheet. Don’t fall into the same trap. I am looking at James as a potential pick from Man Utd.


Yeah it seems a bit extreme but hear me out. Played full 2 games with England and Man City are playing Shakhtar on Wednesday to start their Champions League crusade. I am afraid that Pep’s rotation will surprise us all.


I would also avoid all the Spurs players. None of them past they eye test, not even Kane with 3 goals in 4 matches. If you have watched any of Tottenham’s games, it’s obvious that they are struggling now both at the back and on the attack. Kane might seem like an attractive option, but I got him out of my Fanteam Season-long tournament. If get any players from Spurs, it’s on you.


There seems to be a notion that Arsenal is performing decently far but I beg to defer. They concede goal, their front 3 change each game and their midfield is at shambles. I don’t think that any of them deserve the punt. Some say Auba is a good option but if Lacazette starts I would like paying Auba’s price just to play the majority of the game the left wing.

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