Hockey Rule Adjustment – 01.11.2019

Dear Hockey Fans,

at Fanteam we are continuously trying to improve your fantasy experience on our website. This is why we came up with the following rule changes, which should enhance the overall fun for Fantasy Hockey.

The following changes will apply from 01.11.2019 11:00 CET.

  • Shots on goal – 0.25p (new)
  • Plus and Minus +/-0.25p for all (defenders and forwards will now have same value)
  • 2 min penalty -0.50p
  • 4 min penalty -1.00p
  • Causing a penalty -0.50p
  • Game misconduct -2p

Please note that this applies to all hockey leagues.If you are happy about the new rules, feel free to tell us at @FanteamOfficial

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