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From Fantasy Premier League to Fanteam – use your FPL skills to win big!

The following tips will help with your transition from Fantasy Premier League to Fanteam. Learn how to use your FPL skills to win big!

From Fantasy Premier League to Fanteam

What you should forget, be aware of or copy when moving from FPL to Fanteams Weekly Monster and Daily Fantasy Tournaments.

Forget: Correlation is bad

In Daily Fantasy Tournaments (DFS) you’re playing only one gameweek. Correlation is your friend, not enemy. One of the main differences between FPL and DFS is that in the latter you’re optimizing your team only for one round, whereas in FPL you should always look for few weeks in the future. That means the optimizing problem is much simpler in DFS. In Fanteam’s Weekly Monster there’s usually only eight or nine games per tournament, while FPL season consists of 380 games in total.

Optimizing problem is simpler because there are less games to forecast and you are able to base the forecast on information that is up to date and relevant. This means you should truly try to benefit from your forecasts. If you expect one team to score many goals and to keep clean sheet, don’t be afraid to get two or even three players from that team.

If you’re trying to win the tournaments, you should take bold risks and trust your forecasts. If you even out the risk too much, your team ends up in the middle of the table.

Be aware of: Playing 90mins matters on Fanteam

We are all used to the frustration in FPL when one of our players gets subbed off at 59th minute. One minute more would’ve meant one more point. This applies also in Fanteam, but now you should also get used to the frustration, when your player gets subbed off at 90+3. Fanteam awards players 1 point per start, 1 point per 60min and 1 point per full game (for MID/FWD). This might not sound that important but believe me: this often makes the change. If you’re trying to choose between two players, choose always the one that’s more likely to play full 90mins. This is one of the easiest ways to get one extra point.

Copy: Goals, assists and clean sheets

When transitioning from Fantasy Premier League to Fanteam, this is very simple. These are three most important things where you get points in FPL and the situation is same in Fanteam. There’s only one differentiation, which is that in Fanteam you get 8 points when your goalkeeper scores a goal, while in FPL you get 6 points. But how often this happens?

Forget: Soft information

There are lots of discussion about different stats around Premier League and fantasy games: Some player scores lots of points away from home, other has scored against particular opponent in two previous games, etc. You should be very critical for every public information, especially now that you’re putting your money on the game. You should always think if the information is relevant. Most of this kind of stats and analysis has nothing to do with how the player is going to perform in his next game.

Find all relevant information for the upcoming matchday in the Preview section of the Blog.

For instance, if some player has a good record against particular team in Premier League, it most commonly means nothing for the upcoming fixture. Nowadays players and managers move very often between clubs. Thus, saying that Aguero has scored in last six games against some opponent, doesn’t say anything about how likely he is to score in next game. It says nothing about what has happened for the opponent in that time period.

There might be new manager, new players, new tactics and they are playing so differently than what was the case in those six previous games. Be very critical for every information but take advantage of truly meaningful information.

Be aware of: Winning players are the key

Fanteam awards +1 point if the team “wins” while player is on the field and -1 point if the team “loses”. Let’s say two equally good players play against each other and you’re expecting both players to get their names on the score sheet, but you think that the home team is slightly more likely to win the game. Then you should always choose the player who’s playing for the home team (if they’re equally priced). When the home team wins game, the player playing for home team gets 2 more points than the one that’s playing for away team.

Copy: Playing with friends

One of the most beautiful things in FPL is that it’s bringing people together. Two strangers might find each other through the game and form a lifelong friendship. Why not take this aspect to Weekly Monsters as well. It’s nice to chat about the game with friends but have a one thought on how much you’re willing to share beforehand as you’re still trying to win the game.

Forget: Bonus points

There are no bonus points in Fanteam, so players that often get good BPS score in FPL are not that good Fanteam. Those players might even be overvalued by some managers because they’re generating good points in FPL. It might even be good tactic to avoid this sort of players, as you’re not directly awarded about good BPS score in Fanteam.

Be aware of: You might be playing against true professionals

There are of course lot of professional players in FPL playing with money against each other, but more often than not, it’s just the game of fun between few good friends. When we move to Fanteam’s Weekly Monster, where high roller games have buy-in of 200€ each week, the situation changes. Nobody is willing to lose 200 euros that easily.

This means every manager is going to use much more time on their teams. There are true professionals who are basically using most of their time just to forecast different scenarios. They calculate the probabilities and point expectations for different players before they construct few different teams that they see most likely to bring some money for them.

I’m not saying this so that you’ll think it’s too difficult to beat them. I’m just saying this because it’s important thing to be aware of and you can try to identify them and perhaps try to learn something about their teams. However, there’s so much luck involved in one week’s tournament that anybody can win it. So, don’t be afraid of going against pros, but just be aware of it.

Copy: Have fun

Playing fantasy games, whether it’s FPL or Fanteam, you should only do it because you enjoy it. This is especially important in Fanteam as there’s more often money involved in the game. Play only with money that you can afford to lose to. It’s always nice to win but losing shouldn’t have too big effect on you. If you’re feeling too bad after a loss, take some time to think whether you’re still playing because you enjoy the game or if there’s some other motivation behind it. It’s not wrong to try to win some money with your knowledge, but it’s important to be on track with your feelings and keep tight rope on your wagers.

Football is a beautiful game and Fanteams Weekly Monsters are a nice way to enjoy the game as long as you truly enjoy it.

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