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Interview with torquay11, winner of the Weekly Monster GW12!

Today in Daily Fantasy Interviews: torquay11

Torquay11 is a new player on Fanteam and registered in August. Since then he played only 16 tournaments and already reached a nice profit of 450€. We talked to him after his great performance in the Weekly Monster GW12 (2€ buy in) and tried to learn how to be successful as a beginner in DFS.


Congratulations on the first place in the Weekly Monster 2€ tournament! Tell us something about yourself! Who is torquay11?

My name is Tim, I am 49 years old and I live in Exeter in Devon. My main interests are football, I am an Arsenal fan with a local interest in Torquay United. My favourite all time player is Denis Bergkamp.

I also enjoy and play cricket & golf & love watching boxing.

I also love music especially indie bands.

How do you create your line-ups? Do you watch the games or only use stats? Tell us what your draft process looks like!

My draft process will change according to form really. So last week I was really looking at form teams & players & also players who had a good record against the opposition. Therefore Vardy was a stand out Capt as he had scored something like 8 goals in his last 8 games against Arsenal & unfortunately for me Arsenal had the 3rd worst shots against record in the league, Maddison & Chilwell were picked on the basis of Arsenal’s shocking defensive record & Leicesters solidity at the back.Tarkowski was picked due to Burnley’s home record & he pops up with the odd goal & assist. Kieran Clark mainly because Newcastle’s goals are being scored by defenders this year. Son, Mane & Martial were purely form picks & Home fixtures & Chris Wood due to him having 4 goals in his last 4 games against West Ham. McCarthy & Wan Bissaka were the blanks.

I would rather spend money on midfielders & forwards rather than defenders just because I feel you get more value in budget defenders. Home fixtures are pretty much concentrated on unless it’s one of the top teams. Again current form is important but also a player horses for courses can give some real value.

Daily Fantasy Interviews: torquay11  winning team

 torquay11’s winning team

You know that you had won around 1500€ if you would have entered your team in the 50k guaranteed tournament?

I do know I could have won 1500 Euros but I’m still pretty new to the site & I am still finding my feet but will get involved in the process a lot more in the future.

Is there a player you would never pick for your team?

Defensive midfielders are players that don’t do it for me; they offer nothing going forward & don’t get clean sheets.

Are you going to keep on playing on Fanteam? Do you have any wishes for the platform?

I will definitely keep playing Fanteam – It offers great value for money & the format is really decent, the pricing makes you constantly thinking about the best value options available to free up money.

Do you have any advice for new DFS players?

The only advice I will give is to enjoy yourself.

Also just because a player is expensive & quality it doesn’t mean they are a great pick for that week Kane & Agüero are a case in point. Kane is suffering a bit I think due to Erriksens poor form & Sheffield United exceptional form. Aguero’s record at Liverpool is shocking so they were never on the radar.

All the very best to everyone!

Thanks Tim!


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