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WCOFF 2019 – ‘fscottl’ turns €2 into €30,000!


You can´t make a story like this one up! An unbelievable effort by new DFS player ‘fscottl’ is worth a new car now. The UK-based Fantasy-Newbie left everyone behind and made his way up from paying €2 for a qualifier to getting paid €30,000 as the winner of WCOFF 2019!

It was a thrilling Finale in the 3rd World Championship of Fantasy Football! 116 participants qualified through satellites or paid the entry fee of €1050. A €100,000 guaranteed prize pool grew to €116,000 while the first prize was endowed with €30,000.  

After the first round last Saturday, user ‘fscottl’ took the lead with 88 points, well helped by De Bruyne (13 points), Manè (10 points) & Martial (9 points).  After the last match of GW20 there were only 11 points separating 20th place to the leader, so the championship was wide open before the last round started on New Year’s Day.

As the first matchday of Premier League 2020 came to a conclusion, and only Liverpool – Sheffield United remained of this years WCOFF, `fscottl`, who won the entry fee of €1050 via a €2 satellite, found himself in 7th place before the last game.

Many of the above teams had all their 11 players finished, and `fscottl` had both Alexander Arnold and Manè remaining. As Manè scored a goal, and Alexander Arnold kept a clean sheet, `fscottl` took over the first place lead and the tiebreaker “least expensive team” came into effect, as 3 users all had 146 points!

According to FanTeam`s fantasy scoring system, midfielders and attackers get an extra point for playing the full match. Mané got subbed off around the 70th minute so with only minutes left of the match, `gaffel` had Salah remaining. This meant that if Salah played the full match, `gaffel` would win the WCOFF and shove `fscottl` down to a 2nd place and €20,000 prize instead. 

Imagine “fscottl” sitting in front of his TV, praying for Klopp to sub off the Egyptian with only 40 seconds left of over-time. Then the referee blew his whistle, signalled a substitution, and cameras shifted from Henderson to Salah. Salah walked off as the last Liverpool substitute to give youngster Harvey Elliott his first Premier League seconds, and thus earning `fscottl` €10,000 extra and the famous WCOFF trophy.

The insane run of fscottl – turning 2€ into 30.000€ in detail

Let us have a more detailed look of how the rookie fscottl was able to convert €2 into the first price of an amazing €30,000.

It all started with fscottl, who actually registered in late November 2019, joining the 2€ satellite match Newcastle vs. ManCity. A last-minute equalizer from Newcastle brought fscottl here to the first place, which awarded him a satellite ticket worth €55.

His journey then goes on with the second satellite he played for the matches ManU vs. Aston Villa & Leicester vs. Everton.  Fscottl won that satellite event by a single point! So only a small change here already would have lead to him not even participating in the final. To make things even crazier, his win was decided in the 90th minute by a Leicester goal. To be more precise; it was a Pereira assist and the hereby triggered impact points for Leicester players brought fscottl in the final.

The story of the final is already told. With Salahs substitution as the deciding factor. But the amount of luck involved for fscottl to even get into the final is something that is really incredible. A rookie that just started playing some weeks ago going home with 30K. We are happy to see that some stories can only happen in fantasy football.

The World Championship is a yearly dual-gameweek event played daily fantasy-style, on 2 seperate gameweeks. This year it was for the English Premier League; gameweek 20 & gameweek 21. Look out for our next record-breaking contests and join daily events on Fanteam now!



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