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Introducing the record-breaking € 500,000 gtd. SCOFF 2020

Something big is coming. Something really big! FanTeam announces the biggest Fantasy Premier League contest in the history of Daily Fantasy Sports! After the huge success of WCOFF 2019, the largest provider for DFS in Europe does the unexpected and multiplies the stakes by 5!! This means: a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000 and a first prize of at least €150,000!

Are you ready for the Spring Championship of Fantasy Football 2020?

Do you have what it takes to win money worth a new Lamborghini? Or the deposit for a new house? Or some years living without having to go to work? Ok let’s stop here – what is this contest about?

The buy-in in the final is €1,100, but don’t worry, it is very possible to get into the final without paying the big bucks. The vast majority of the finalists will qualify via satellites, which will be running many times a week from now until the end of May. The final will consist of two gameweeks of Premier League in daily fantasy style where the points from round 2 are added to round 1 for the final score. The two final rounds are independent, so you will be able to create a brand-new team in round two without getting any penalties – this is the real DFS experience. The final starts on the 9th of May, so we recommend you to start qualifying as soon as possible!

Pay-out table for SCOFF 2020


These are the pay-outs, based on a prize pool of €500,000. The pool can obviously never be smaller than this, but it can very much become bigger, in which case the extra money will be added to the prizes. 

In the tournament lobby, you will find satellites for the SCOFF every day. They already started, so make sure to check them out right away! There will be different buy-in levels and different sports to qualify for the final! We have step 1, step 2 and direct qualifiers. You can qualify for SCOFF 2020 for as little as 1€!

There is a special satellite system in play for SCOFF, called Rocket to SCOFF. The idea is that you can qualify for the final by winning several single match satellites in a row. With four different buy-in levels, you can decide yourself how much money to risk and how many satellites you need to win in order to secure a place in the SCOFF final. The lowest buy-in is €1. If you start there, you will need to win four satellites in a row. Rocket matches will typically go in the weekend, but sometimes the fourth satellite will be later, as in midweek.

If you are unsure which one it is, please check the ‘details’ button for the given satellite in the lobby.

Now get in there and don’t miss the chance of having a shot at winning a life changing prize playing Fantasy Football!

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