Weekend Big Five preview (15th February)

Weekend Big Five on FanTeam

After a rough ending (Thank you, Sabine!)  to the Weekend Big Four from last week we´re now looking ahead to FanTeams Weekend Big Five and hope that there will be no wind, no earthquake and no aliens landing to interrupt the big fun.

Anyway, let´s take a short look back to last weeks final payouts and celebrate the windy winners.

Weekend Big Four

The Big Four had had a 15.000€ prizepool and attracted 825 participants from which the top 165 got a smaller or bigger paycheck. 

´gaffel´ and ´polikretis13´ both had the same idea on their lineups and were in the end tied for the first place to get a nice 1,151,40€ boost to their bankrolls.

They both stacked the five Everton midfielders with captain Calvert-Lewin upfront to seal the deal. Right behind them came user ´EventHorizon2´ in 3rd place for still a nice amount of 628,89€.

Congratulations everyone and especially better luck to the guys who missed their points on Citys postponed game.

Weekend Big Five and bookie odds

The upcoming Big Five tournament on fanteam comes along with a 20.000€ prizepool for 20€ buyin and due to a 5 game schedule even more action than in the previous week. 

You have to choose your 6 man starting squad  out of the following fixtures and their respective bookie winning odds, clean sheet probabilites and the most likely goalscorer:

Southhampton vs Burnley W: 57% / 21% CS: 34% / 13% GS: Ings 43%

Norwich vs Liverpool W: 10% / 79% CS: 3% / 43% GS: Salah 57%

Aston Villa vs Tottenham W : 25% / 54% CS : 12% / 27% GS : Son 42%

Arsenal vs Newcastle W: 71% / 12% CS: 39% / 7% GS: Aubameyang 52%

Chelsea vs Manchester United W: 54% / 23% CS: 40% / 22% GS: Abraham 47%

Value Picks and plays

As you know, I would never leave you alone on that hard decisionmaking. Here are 3 thoughts that maybe should be taken into consideration while arranging your squad:

  1. Sadio Mane is back on the trainingsground since Monday and he should definetely be part of the reds squad on their Norwich game. The big question, though, is if Jürgen Klopp decides to let him start. If you include him in your squad you are not able to change him manually because of the games starting time. Be careful!
  1. Although Southhampton is the favourite in their home fixture against Burnley, you have to know that they could not beat the clarets since 2017 in their last 6 meetings. Besides that, the saints only scored twice in these 6 games. Sometimes there is just this one bogey team.
  1. The favourable home game for the gunners against Newcastle looks like an easy win for Arsenal. I personally do think that, too, but I am not to sure if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the one to go with here. With 12.8m he is quiet expensive despite the fact that his new role on the wing does not fit to him that much. He gets way less into dangerous positions than he has while playing upfront and 5.5 fantasy points on average for him are a big proof to that.

Anyway, good luck to all of you!

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