EL early/late Pursuit preview for 27.02.

Tonight is already the second leg of the first Europa League KO round and Fanteam has again a tournament for both the early and late matches with 5€ and 50€ buy-in respectively. 

New this time is that the new Pursuit format is also used for the EL.

You can read a deeper analysis of the Pursuit Format in the preview of the Champions League Pursuit Tournaments, which you can find here: CL Pursuit in-depth preview.

In short: the more budget we have left in the end, the more bonus points we get. The captain costs twice as much.

The whole thing is getting pretty interesting now, because in knockout second legs we have a lot more information than usual from the first leg result to roughly classify and estimate the second leg matches.

So our aim is to find players with reasonable prices, whose teams will tend to have their main focus on the offensive or defensive side in a certain way after the first leg.

EL Early

Malmö – Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg will have to travel to Sweden for the second leg after winning the first leg at home 2-1. Malmö’s only shot at goal was because of a penalty kick, which was a goal, too.

Wolfsburg are a good team in defence, in the league only Gladbach, RB Leipzig and Bayern conceded fewer goals, and away they have only conceded 15 goals in 11 matches.

I see them here doing little for the game and trying to keep the clean sheet. The Wolfsburg defenders have very interesting prices at Fanteam, for this constellation.

Malmö only needs a 1-0, so I don’t expect a run on the offensive from the beginning.

Since Wolfsburg are missing several of their full-backs, there are not so many possibilities, but you should check the starting line-up anyway.

R. Knoche (6.8M), J. Brooks (5.9M) and M. Tisserand (7.2M) seem to have good chances for the starting line-up

Basaksehir – Sporting

There is also an interesting constellation for Fanteam in Istanbul today as the two centre-forwards Crivelli (yellow block) and Gulbrandsen (stricken) will probably be out for today, but Basaksehir will have to score at least 2 goals after the 1:3 first leg away.

Here we get a few cheap players into focus, which is especially interesting because of the Pursuit format.

Forwarding will probably be D. Ba (7.4M), in midfield the great player E. Visca (9.1M) is first choice, but also quite expensive. He is the expert for assists at Basaksehir.

It will be interesting to see who will also be on the offensive. Robinho (5.9M) is seen by the bookmakers as a favourite scorer when he starts. A possible alternative with also a very good price/performance ratio would be E. Elia (6.3M).

EL Late

Benfica – Donetsk

Benfica need to catch up a 1:2 loss and for this EL Late tournament they may not be the biggest insiders’ tip right now, but I see many teams here that will have a bigger focus, like Arsenal, ManU, Sevilla and Inter.

The Portuguese leaders in their league are also very strong at home and have the most home goals in the league with 27-6 goals in 11 matches. In general, Benfica also have scored the most goals in the league with 50 goals in 22 matches. 

Pizzi (9.8M) has to be mentioned here of course, 23 goals and 12 assists so far this season.

But also left defender A. Grimaldo (7.7M) stands out with 7 assists and one goal so far.

In the attack you have to wait for the lineup, especially C. Vinicius (9.2M) is a powerhouse with 20 goals and 12 assists.

Celtic – Copenhagen

Falls into the same category as Benfica, they are even more expensive at Fanteam, but they are unlikely to be in focus. Celtic is about as much a favourite at home as Inter, ManU and Arsenal. Bookmakers give Celtic a 66% chance of winning and 88% of scoring a goal.

Celtic is a huge power at home. This season they have had 22 compulsory matches at home so far, they won 20 and only lost 2-1 to the Rangers and 4-3 to Cluj.

In 21 of these 22 games they scored at least 2 times per match, in the 20 wins they only conceded 9 goals, never more than 1 goal per game.

Outstanding at Celtic is center forward O. Edouard (11.4M) with 25 goals and 17 assists. J. Forrest (11.6M) also has outstanding scores with 16 goals and 21 assists.

C. Jullien (9.2M) has to be mentioned from the defense: 7 goals and 2 assists are outstanding for a defender.

As a price tip you can also mention T. Rogic (7.5M), according to English media he should play in the offensive midfield today. He was injured for a long time and despite only 785 minutes of compulsory playtime he has already scored 2 goals and 4 assists.

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