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Weekly Monster GW28 preview

Another weekend, another action filled weekly monster on FanTeam is waiting for us.

As always, there is this extraordinary 50.000€ pricepool, ready to be grabbed by you! Or you! Or maybe you?

Let’s get it on!

GW 27 Review

Gameweek 27’s weekly Monster had 2248 participants and paid out the top 450 spots. The big winner this time was ‘nevermind721’ who placed first and cashed 4083,88€ for his efforts. Right behind him came ‘Steve19881’ (2nd ; 2461,93€) and ‘Grig1996’ (3rd and 4th ; 1766,80€ and 1380,62€).


‘nevermind721’s winning squad was a mixture of 4 teams. He stacked Crystal Palace, Arsenal, ManUnited and Burnley for a total of 105 gigantic points. His captain Bruno Fernandes, who scored a goal, assisted once and clean sheeted, made a huge difference with a nice amount of 26 points on his own. 


Congratulations, ‘nevermind721’, that looked very well deserved!

GW28 Preview

With only 6 games to choose from, lots of very close duels and the top teams nearly all having away games, this gameday could be a little more difficult than the last one. Here are the GW28 fixtures and bookie percentages on winning, clean sheeting and most likely goal scoring players.

Bournemouth vs Chelsea W: 21% / 59% CS: 20% / 43% G: Giroud (CHE) 42%

Newcastle vs Burnley W: 38% / 34% CS: 36% / 35% G: Rodriguez (BUR) 28%

West Ham vs Southampton W: 37% / 39% CS: 27% / 29% G: Ings (SOU) 45%

Watford vs Liverpool W: 14% / 70% CS: 15% / 47% G: Salah (LIV) 51%

Everton vs ManUnited W: 40% / 36% CS: 33% / 30% G: Martial (MUN) 45%

Spurs vs Wolves W: 42% / 33% CS: 37% / 32% G: Jimenez (WOL) 36%

The three thoughts

As already mentioned, this gameday won’t be easy. It will be crucial to find the right value players/teams to be successful. Luckily, a closer gameday also means a wider range of options that could be the potential key to finish at the top. So here are ‘the three thoughts’.

  1. Considering Newcastle Uniteds recent form and especially their lack of scoring goals, a Burnley stack at the back could potentially pay off. The magpies have not scored for 3 in a row now while the clarets are on a 3 game undefeated run (2W1D). Will this be 4 on both ends after this clash?
  2. West Ham United is the 2nd worst home team in the league while Southampton plays way better when they are away. They both have their biggest problems when it comes to defending. So what do we expect here? Right: goals. So stay away from their defensive lines and grab the right attackers. Felipe Anderson (8.5m) could be worth a shot.
  3. The Spurs, as expected, look like a chihuahua under Mourinho. Defense at all cost, forgetting that football is about scoring goals. Without Harry Kane, without Heung-Min Son, they could even be a chihuahua without teeth. Lately, the wolves defense has stabilized a lot and they definetely have the potential to frustrate the spurs here. Goalkeeper Rui Patricio (6.3m) + a defender could be the play here, as they come for a very cheap price to provide big potential.

The weekly Monster starts at Saturday 4PM with a buyin of 20€ and a guaranteed prizepool of 50.000€. So don’t forget to build your squad and best of luck!


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