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Today’s preview revolves around the main event of the Belarusian League, which starts on Friday at 16:00 hrs. with a total of 12 teams, i.e. 6 matches.

There will be 2 tournaments, one with Buy In 5€ and 2500€ GTD and one with Buy In 1€ and 500€ GTD.

But now directly to the preview and have fun:


As always there is a small overview:

Dynamo Brest is the clear favourite in this tournament, followed by Dinamo Brest and after that there is a clear gap where no team is favourite anymore, to a victory.

The midfield is quite balanced, even the last 3. team, Neman Grodno, still has a 25% chance to win


Please note that we are using the Pursuit format again for this tournament. That means we get bonus points the more budget we have left at the end.

That makes it even more interesting to look at cheap players who could potentially score some points.

And that’s what we’re getting to:


As always, let’s take a closer look at the defense of all 12 teams in conjunction with the Fanteam Awards.

We take the average of the 4 defenders who are most likely to be in the starting formation.

We have with the Ukrainian league again a rather low goal league. We can already see that from the clean sheet probabilities. 

Only 3 teams have a clean sheet probability below 25%.

I marked Isloch as a very interesting team, with a high to 0 chance of 37% the defenders cost on average only 6.5M

This is less than the 3 teams afterwards with Vitebsk, FC Minsk and FC Slutsk despite partly 5% lower to 0 chance.

Because of the Pursuit format I don’t think the two over 50% to 0 teams above are really very good, because 9.1M and 10.2M average price is already very high.

Because of the good price of the Isloch defenders maybe the teams in the lower half are not really worth it, because there is no team much cheaper than the 6.5M of Isloch. 

Gorodeya is also interesting, more about that in the last section of my preview under “Players” at the bottom.


Now let’s look at the offense: how likely are the 12 teams to score at least 3 times this matchday? 

In my opinion the high price of Dynamo Brest is worth it. Almost 50% chance to score at least 3 goals is extremely high. And the players are not that much more expensive than those of Dinamo Minsk, who only have a 28% chance.

Dynamo Brest is also reigning champion before this 1st matchday of the new season.

Last season they scored 44 goals in 15 games at home (absolute top result) and only 12 goals against.

The second one I marked Isloch, because the 8.8M average price in the offensive is very fair with 18% probability to score at least 3 goals.

But here their “lead” is narrower, for example FC Minsk with a 15% chance and 8.1M is certainly worth a look, but in the end Dynamo Brest outdoes everyone here by far.


Here I would like to introduce some players for this tournament again, which I think are very interesting.

G. Efimov / I. Dovgyallo (FC Gorodeya / 6.0M / 5.2M) Goalie

This is where it gets a little complicated.

Both are goalkeepers of Gorodeya, Dovgyallo was last season’s regular goalkeeper and kept very strong, only 24 goals against in 26 games, 12 (!!) games to 0 as a rather average team in the league, which ended up 7th.

Now the new season starts with the 1st matchday and before this season came Efimov as a newcomer. According to Fanteam Efimov plays, thanks to Safety Net we would be safe even if Dovgyallo is in goal.

S. Pushnyakov (FC Gorodeya / 6.3M) defender

Very interesting from Gorodeya is also the left defender Pushnyakov.

He has almost unbelievable good values as a defender and for this rather defensive league: Last season he scored 4 goals and 4 assists (!). So he had the 2nd most goals and most assists in the team.

For this price really a good choice.

G. Bitok (Isloch / 7.7M) defender

Nigerian left-back Godfrey Bitok Stephen can even beat that, he had 5 goals and 4 assists (!) for Isloch last season.

He is red in the Fanteam ranking, but I don’t understand that, because he played 120 minutes in the Belarusian cup on 15.3 and was not substituted;1. I couldn’t find out more about him via Google, but since he is the most expensive defender of Isloch anyway, the Safety Net will be used without any problems. 

Price performance is right for all defenders of Isloch, with a clean sheet probability of 37%.

D. Laptev (Dynamo Brest / 13.7M) Striker

Laptev was one of the best scorers in the league last season and the best at Brest, 12 goals and 6 assists are a strong value in a rather low goal league with 29 missions. 

There should be symbioses with the two wing players P. Savitskiy (13.3M) and M. Gordejchuk (12.1M), who each provided many goals and templates at Brest last season.

We also have the advantage at Brest that we can see the starting line-up before the tournament starts at Fanteam.

M. Yansane (Isloch / 9.7M) Striker

Yansane was one of the most accurate players in the league last season with 11 goals and 3 assists, for the relatively low price you can’t go wrong here.

With the above mentioned G. Bitok there could be an interesting symbiosis.

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