Introducing the CS:GO Daily Monster 50.000€ – Road to Rio

The first person shooter counter strike global offensive is still breaking records eight years after its release. The game still fascinates millions of players and now you, the viewers, have the opportunity to earn some serious money from this eSport. On Wednesday the 22.04 the qualifier for the next major CS:GO tournament starts in Brazil and with it the first ever CS:GO Fantasy tournament on Fanteam. While these teams are only competing for qualification here on FanTeam there is a huge guaranteed prize pool of 50.000€. The first prize is a massive 10.000€.

The tournament will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points. It would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure that everybody has the chance to turn 20€ into 10’000€, the reward for the first placed player, I will quickly summarize the principle of CS:GO.

There are two teams: The attackers (Terrorists, also called T-side) and the defenders (Counter-Terrorists, CT). On every map there are two bomb spots (A and B), the goal of the attacker is to plant the bomb on one of these spots and make sure it explodes. The CTs have to prevent this. 

If either all CTs are eliminated or the bomb explodes the attackers win the round. On the other hand if either all Terrorists are eliminated or the bomb is defused the Defenders win the round. Every map has 30 rounds, whoever is the first to reach 16 rounds will win that map. To become the winner of the match up a team has to win two of the three maps that are played. 

Players on teams that win 2:0 instead of 2:1 and therefore don’t play a third map are at a disadvantage. To equalize this we created a Straight-Set-Bonus which will multiply the points achieved by players in map by a factor of x2, breaching the gap and creating a fair correspondence.  

While the professional players only care about the round win our tournament mainly focuses on individual performances. 

The goal is to find players that get a high amount of kills and assist while at the same time have a low amount of deaths. Particularly precious picks will be the players that achieve 4 or 5 kills in one round, as well as the players that are able to win the round as the last survivor of their team.

Players that get a low amount of kills and die often should be avoided. 

The following teams will be competing on Wednesday in order to get an advantage for the qualification of the tournament. 

I definitely want to use the opportunity of winning 10.000€ and will myself submit a few teams into the tournament. Below I will list my favourites and why I chose them. 


Ranked number 1. In 2019 ZywOo is facing the Ninjas in Pyjamas in a relatively balanced matchup. For team Vitality to have a chance the AWPer will have to awaken his MVP shape and carry the team to a victory. The Frenchman is known for his multi kills and has the potential to be the best man on the map no matter the opponent. I predict that ZywOo will score the most points of all players and therefore will be a good pick even with low bonus points. 

Due to his high ceiling ZywOo is my captain for this tournament. 


The sweedish AWPer blossoms when both FNATIC and he are playing with confidence, something he should definitely have in this matchup against ENCE. Ever since their new ingame leader has taken over Ence have been nothing but disappointment, which is why FNATIC are clear favourites in this match. 

The recent victory in the ESL Pro League Season 11 should give JW a confidence boost which makes him an extremely aggressive and successful player.

The cheeky player he is JW loves pulling the knife out when he finds himself in a situation where the enemy is not aware of his location, this could lead to an extra 7 points. 


For my final player I choose somebody that is cheap and therefore will give me plenty of bonus points. I am assuming that the match Complexity – Astralis will be a decisive 0:2 which is why I am predicting that Gla1ve, even though carrying the responsibility of ingame leader, will have a good performance.


STATS FOR TODAYS CS:GO €50 000 guaranteed

Today we launch our very first CS:GO tournament and here are some stats to help you create the perfect team.

These are stats about the players competing in todays Road to Rio which you can find on The stats are from the last 3 months and only include online matches. Maps are the number of maps taking into consideration for these stats. K/D is the Kill/Death difference which is the most important part of the scoring. The rating is a stat including every little detail of CS:GO and shows an assessment. Basically, a better K/D ratio means more predicted fantasy points.








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