Preview CS:GO Tuesday Monster 50.000€ – Road to Rio

After a successful 4 days of CS:GO fantasy on FanTeam we are now heading towards the next big tournament. On the 28.04 there will be another guaranteed prize pool of 50.000€ with an incredible 10.000€  for the first placed. If you are unfamiliar with the gameplay of CS:GO fantasy, yet you still want to have the chance to get that prize money, I will quickly explain the rules and give you a few hints.  

The tournament will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points. It would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure that everybody has the chance to turn 20€ into 10’000€, the reward for the first placed player, I will quickly summarize the principle of CS:GO.

There are two teams: The attackers (Terrorists, also called T-side) and the defenders (Counter-Terrorists, CT). On every map there are two bomb spots (A and B), the goal of the attacker is to plant the bomb on one of these spots and make sure it explodes. The CTs have to prevent this. 

If either all CTs are eliminated or the bomb explodes the attackers win the round. On the other hand if either all Terrorists are eliminated or the bomb is defused the Defenders win the round. Every map has 30 rounds, whoever is the first to reach 16 rounds will win that map. To become the winner of the match up a team has to win two of the three maps that are played. 

Players on teams that win 2:0 instead of 2:1 and therefore don’t play a third map are at a disadvantage. To equalize this we created a Straight-Set-Bonus which will multiply the points achieved by players in map by a factor of x2, breaching the gap and creating a fair correspondence.  

While the professional players only care about the round win, our tournament mainly focuses on individual performances. 

The goal is to find players that get a high amount of kills and assist while at the same time have a low amount of deaths. Particularly precious picks will be the players that achieve 4 or 5 kills in one round, as well as the players that are able to win the round as the last survivor of their team.

Players that get a low amount of kills and die often should be avoided.

The following teams will be competing on Tuesday in order to get an advantage for the qualification of the tournament. 

Personally, I will focus on the matchups Godsent vs Copenhagen Flames and ENCE vs Ninjas in Pyjamas, since these are likely to be very close games. This increases the likelihood of a high Fantasy Point performance by players on these teams.

I definitely want to grasp the opportunity of winning 10.000€ and will submit a few teams into the tournament myself. Below I will list some of my favourites and why I chose them. Press here to access the tournament. 


In my last preview I had mentioned the underwhelming performance of Ence in the last few months. However they have had a surprisingly great start to the tournament after they beat the current ESL Pro League champion Fnatic 2:0. It seems like they have finally sorted out their problems and the main reason for this is their AWPer Allu. With 54 kills over 2 Maps Allu was clearly the best player on the server. Neither the less Ence is still going into the matchup against the Ninjas in Pyjamas as the underdog. For them to have a chance to win the game Allu will again have to step up, which I believe he will. Even with the recent success of the NIP their AWPer Twist has not been in his best shape. Which is why I strongly believe that Allu will be going out of the AWP duals as the winner and therefore will have the most kills in this matchup.


It is a rare occasion that the european Mix-Team, Godsent, is the favourite in a tournament of this caliber. A chance that I will definitely not let slide through my fingers. The stars of the Godsent show are Maden and zehN, both of which should outperform themselves against the Copenhagen Flames. Out of the two zehN has just performed a little bit better over the last month and I would not be surprised if he dominated this matchup. Particularly considering that the Copenhagen Flames have recently lost most of their firepower with the resignation of TeSeS. 


Once more my Captain for the day will be last year’s number one player ZywOo. His potential multikills is only matched by the currently ranked number one S1mple, who won’t be joining this tournament until next week. Struggling at first with the recent player change ZywoO has really found his rhythm lately. With a staggering 73 kills against the Ninjas in Pyjamas he had about 30 more kills then the second in his team, Shox. Out of all the players of the day he has the most potential to take over the game and therefore the Fantasy scoreboards. 

Press here to access the tournament. 

Best of luck!

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