Preview CS:GO Daily Monster 50.000€ Saturday Smokescreen – Road to Rio

The next big CS:GO tournament on fanteam lays straight in front of us as it starts in only 4 hours.

50.000€ are up for the grabs a third time. This time the first will get a huge price of 7.500€ while the rest will be split up between the top 20% which makes winning even more enjoyable.

For everybody who does want to contribute, but does not feel comfortable with the CS:GO or fantasy yet I will the explain the tournament rules and CS:GO rules shortly: 

The tournament will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points. It would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure that everybody has the chance to turn 20€ into 10’000€, the reward for the first placed player, I will quickly summarize the principle of CS:GO.

There are two teams: The attackers (Terrorists, also called T-side) and the defenders (Counter-Terrorists, CT). On every map there are two bomb spots (A and B), the goal of the attacker is to plant the bomb on one of these spots and make sure it explodes. The CTs have to prevent this. 

If either all CTs are eliminated or the bomb explodes the attackers win the round. On the other hand if either all Terrorists are eliminated or the bomb is defused the Defenders win the round. Every map has 30 rounds, whoever is the first to reach 16 rounds will win that map. To become the winner of the match up a team has to win two of the three maps that are played. 

Players on teams that win 2:0 instead of 2:1 and therefore don’t play a third map are at a disadvantage. To equalize this we created a Straight-Set-Bonus which will multiply the points achieved by players in map by a factor of x2, breaching the gap and creating a fair correspondence.  

The matchups counting in today’s tournament are the following:

As usual we were looking for the most value in players. Next to the pure points you also get 15 bonus points per Million you are not spending because of the pursuit mode.

To show you some picks which allow you to get some bonus points and you might not have been thinking about already, we created a Top 10 below the 11 Million price tag again.

To determine the most value we looked at the win percentage, the 0:2 percentage for a team and the over 2,5 maps percentage. While a 0:2 loss would be really bad a close win could be beneficial. We have also taken into account that upsets and close games are more likely to win the tournament overall.

Spirit vs ForZe is some kind of the Tier 2 CIS derby. The teams are nearly on an equal level and the games are always close, but Spirit pulls out the win in the end most of the times. 

With this being the perfect requirement for an optimal fitting CS:GO game for fantasy all the players should have quite a high value. One name has by far the most value. Chopper top fragged against their last win against Gambit Youngster but this wasn’t a one time hit. He puts us these numbers up frequently in the last 3 months, especially against their last two matchups against ForZe. Being priced at 9,4 million he is surely worth a look.

The most obvious one is probably ZywOo at 10,2 million. All stays or falls with Vitality winning a map or loosing 0:2. If they manage to win a map there is no doubt, that the world ranked 1 of 2019 will hold one of the most values and might also score one of the highest scores in the whole tournament. If Vitality loses 0:2 against fnatic, which is definitely a possibility the team probably doesn’t have a chance to land in the money, as you get no straight map bonus as the loser. If you believe in Vitality this is definitely worth a look, but also keep in mind that he will probably have the most owner percentage which could allow you to get an advantage over your contributors.

On the fnatic side there is flusha for just 0,3 million more, which could be a great play if fnatic wins 2:0. With an exception of the first game he consistently puts up great numbers which could allow a really high score because of the straight map bonus.   

Astralis being the heavy favourite against Heretics they are also quite expensive today. Although the clutch minister xyp9x still costs only 10,1 million. He isnt known for his high explosive numbers so i wouldn’t play him as a captain. But he will for sure get solid points as Astralis should win this in a 2:0 fashion. So far he scored the second highest fantasy points this tournament for his team but is only priced fourth highest what makes him a good value play alone. Known for his incredible clutch skills this is a great chance to score great points. Combined with the straight map bonus this might be a play with a low owner percentage but high points in the end.

If you believe in the honeymoon period of Heretics and see them winning a map Maka is your man to go for. You could definitely say he is the surprise of the tournament so far and has consistent and insane kill numbers. If the big if of winning a map becomes reality he will be an often seen player in the money places again.

NIP vs Complexity has the potential to be a really close game. The Nip side is really equal in terms of firepower which makes it hard to predict who scores the most. Still the swedish young gun nawwk puts up the highest points this tournament of his team by a small margin but is only priced 3rd highest. If he top frags again in a really close match 10,3 million is not much at all. The main star plopski and lekr0 being on fire in the last games the two are definitely also worth a mention as they also cost under 11 million but are projected to be the highest scoring players for NIP in the game.

On the Complexity site the value is in poizon in my opinion. The bulgarian sniper struggled the first two games but has found his form in the last two again. In a potential overtime game AWP players always have a small edge as money isn’t a factor anymore which could make him an even better play just under 10 million. On top of it the AWP role in NIP is a thing for itself. Everyone can play it and everyone has done it time by time. Twist seems to be the AWP player in the end, but he is also the lowest fragging guy in nip, which is not acceptable for an AWP player but opens up a window for poizon.

Gen.G for me, has a lot of upset potential today. Evil Geniuses struggle a lot so far this tournament while Gen.G shows a really good face and confirm people in their believe of the potential of the team. 

Especially s0m, who turned up time and time again but still only costs 8,9 million is a great risky, but low owner percentage play. 

The three stars: bntet, autimatic, koosta are all worth a mention as well. They are all priced around 10 million and all have the potential to do a lot of damage if Gen.G wins. Especially bntet who puts up great numbers so far.

I wouldn’t play them together in a team as its not possible that all 3 stars shine at the same time.

After the first day we all would have agreed that 100 Thieves are the clear favourites against Cloud9. Even though this is still the case, it is not as sure as in the beginning, as Cloud9 comes of 3 wins in a row. 100 Thieves should still win in the end so our favorite value plays also come from their site. Somehow AZR, the in game leader currently has some great numbers. Priced at 9,5 million I have to mention him as he had the most kills in their win against Triumph. If he can replicate this the bonus points and his performance will be a key to success. Gratisfaction had insane numbers against Evil Geniuses. With 67 kills over 3, not even close maps this was one of the greates performances in this tournament so far.

Priced third highest after their two stars he could be a good play for only 10,3 million.

The most obvious play for the 100 Thieves is jks. Priced closely under 11 million he is still in our choice. The Australian star seems to be finding his form again as he delivered some great shots in the last match. If you hit the match where he goes absolutely insane again and captain him this could lead to tournament winning play, so why not try it today.

If you predict an upset of Cloud9, floppy surely has great value. A caliber of him for only 10,3 million is something you cant ignore.

Good luck!

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