UFC 249 Fight Night preview

UFC 249 

Welcome to the first entry in the building blocks series for UFC. I’m aiming to publish these for every UFC event, but besides the famous fighters, I’m going to focus on the lesser-known fighters, as researching the undercard fights usually takes more time. Let’s dive in!


Choosing the right captain is very important, because the Captain gets doubled points so we have to pick our captain wisely. That’s why I’m going to analyse the main event for that, because the fights are going 5 rounds instead of 3 and so they could get more points!

Main Event: Tony Ferguson (19.3M) vs. Justin Gaethje (16.7M)
This will be a great main event! Tony Ferguson is an incredible fighter and he’s unbeaten since more than 8 years. Justin Gaethje is also a great fighter, but is he able to put Tony away?
The last 3 fights of Justin Gaethje were pretty amazing, nobody can doubt that, he got 3 Knockout wins in the first rounds, against Donald „Cowboy“ Cerrone, Edson Barboza and James Vick and I get the point why people thinking that he can KO Ferguson too, but is he really able to put Ferguson away? That’s tough to say but I really think that he’ll not. Ferguson is smart and prepared for a huge fight, if Ferguson doesn’t get KO’d within the first round Tony is going to give Gaethje a hard time. The later the fight goes, the better the chances are for a Tony win. He’s just amazing using his grappling and his elbows to cut his opponents and I think he’s going to do that with Gaethje also. He’ll throw a lot of significant strikes and he’ll definitely get some Takedowns. 25 minutes are a long time to score points for your fanteam lineup!

Francis Ngannou (19M)
If you choose Francis Ngannou you better hope that he’ll KO Rozenstruik within the first round which is definitely possible, this would give you 100 Points with the 2x Bonus and some significant strike points. If Ngannou won’t finish the fight in the first round your Captain pick would‘ve been pretty useless, because Tony Ferguson would’ve make a lot of more points in 5 full rounds than Ngannou in 3.

High-tier pick:

Calvin Kattar (18.2M)
Calvin Kattar is a crazy fighter that has an amazing stand up game. He’s picking his opponents apart using his jab amazingly to get advantage of his long reach. It’s hard for me to see a way how Stephens could win, he has higher pace and he seems to be more fresh overall. And by the way, Stephens throws nearly twice as many significant strikes per minute compared to Stephens, which is always good for our fanteam line up!

Value picks:
Bryce Mitchell (16.8M)
Bryce Mitchell has a good stand-up game but even a better ground game, he’s on an amazing win streak and it will not end in my opinion. Bryce Mitchell will have an amazing future in the UFC for sure. Charles Rosa is also a good fighter but overall I think Bryce Mitchell has the better chances to win. That price seems pretty good so he’d be a nice pick!

Dominick Cruz (16M)
Dominick Cruz is coming back after 3 years, one of the „best Bantamweights“ or even „the best bantamweight“ had a tough last fight against Cody Garbrandt and got definitely outclassed by him. But even this fight went the whole distance. Unfortunately Cruz suffered a lot of injuries and we don’t know how he’ll come back exactly. But anyways. No doubt Henry Cejudo is a great Champion, but is he able to put away Dominick Cruz? Hard to predict. The Demetrious Johnson fight went the whole distance, the TJ Dillashaw fight was kinda an early stoppage and Marlon Moraes gassed out after 3 Rounds. Dominick can definitely fight 5 rounds without any problems, also Cruz never got knocked out. I think there are a lot of factors who telling me that this fight can go 5 rounds and 25 minutes are a long time to score points for your fanteam line up!

Stay Away:
Fabricio Werdum (18M)
Werdum is very expensive and we don’t know how he will come back after 2 years and the fact that he got banned from USADA for 2 years. Also I don’t think that the winner on that fight will score a lot of points so I would stay away from that one!

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