CS:GO Night – Road to Rio Finals (10/05)

Other than usual there also is a big guaranteed prize pool for today’s evening matches as the NA final is going to be covered. Next to GenG and Furia fighting for the title, 18.000$ and 1600 RMA points which they need to qualify for the major in autumn, Liquid and Cloud9 are facing of against each other looking to take home the 3rd place, 8.000$ and 1400 RMA points.

The tournament which includes both these games has a buyin of 10,00€ and a guaranteed prize pool of 5.000€ which can rise even further if enough people are participating. All in all you can win 2.000€ by spending 10€ while watching 2 sick games of CS in the evening.

Other then usual I will talk over every player of the whole slate and analyze more deeply. I hope you still like it.

As there are just 20 players of 4 teams available the most obvious pick will have a lot of ownership which is why I will also analyze some possible hidden diamonds.

With the format of just 2 matches you also have to adjust your team picking tactics. I personally wouldn’t pick players of 3 different teams. Moreover I really like to pick 3 players of 1 match. 2 players of 1 team including the captain and 1 player of the enemy team. With this you predict this match going to 3 maps and being way closer than the other match.

Picking 3 members of 1 team is also a valid tactic and proved so quite often so far. If you get lucky and your teams wins 2:0 and finishes the second map in a close fashion this tactic will be the winning one for sure. 

Choosing 2 players of 1 team and 1 of a team of another matchup has probably the most potential but there is also a bit of luck involved to hit the right players.

Beginning with the 3rd place decider Team Liquid are the clear favorites as they are the better team by far. Nonetheless you never know how serious a 3rd place decider is taken so I definitely consider players of both teams. 

Looking at maps, I don’t see a map other than Vertigo where Cloud9 stands a chance and even there Team Liquid is a huge caliber.

Looking at the players is what you are all here for so I will start with that now.


Floppy is the obvious star of Cloud9 and if Cloud9 want a chance today he has to deliver. If you are going to build a Cloud9 stack he has to be in in my opinion. 0,76 kills per round is a really sick stat, which he is delivering in the last month.

The second star of the team is actually oSee although you probably didn’t feel that way if you have started to watch CS at this tournament. The AWPer fails to deliver right now which makes me not liking him especially as he is the second most expensive. He still is the AWPer so he can always have a great map out of nothing but I don’t see that happening against Liquid.

Who I like even more is Sonic. His stats are almost identical to oSees stats but he is cheaper. Even more important he has a weird phenomenon not many CS players have. Somehow every now and then he dropped 30+ kills out of nothing and carries his team to a victory. I am not saying this is likely against Liquid but if it happens on a second map he could be a surprising good play. 

Motm actually had a similar situation at the last big tournament ESL One Pro League where he dropped 30+ frags for a couple of maps but he doesn’t seem to replicate that in this one.

The in game leader JT isn’t doing anything notable at any time so I don’t like him at all.


To pick who delivers at Team Liquid is a hard one as everyone has his own argument to be made. The easiest one to dodge is probably nitr0. Even though he is capable of winning a map own his own he is still the ingame leader and unlikely to do it two maps in a row.

You could say alike to Stewie2k but it’s probably not true in the end. The only thing you can say that it is more unlikely than for the other 3 guys. If I look at his recent games he feels like a solid member but he probably won’t be the captain that wins you the tournament. 

Twistzz is an interesting one. Just yesterday I would have told you that he is underperforming massively since CSGO was forced to move to online. But in yesterday’s loss against Furia he was the only shining light as he top fragged for his team and was the reason that is was close in the end. I would be carefull with him as he is definitely a risk but if he can replicate yesterday’s performance you can have an edge to the field.

Team Liquids stars Elige and naf couldn’t have a more different playing style. Elige is a flashy and aggressive player while naf is one of the best solid anchors in the game. In a game where they are huge favorites and have the potential to run over their opponents Eliges play style definitely fits better. On top of it Elige has 0,77 kills per round in the last month while naf offers 0,72 kills per round. This gap shouldn’t be underestimated. Nonetheless never count naf out. 

I definitely see Furia winning this final and to be honest I think this will happen on 2 maps. Furia are just in their zone right now and seem to run over everything that comes in their way. GenG on the other side definitely have a lot of potential but I don’t think they have developed enough to stand a chance today. Their only hope is probably picking the map Train which Furia just played twice in the last 3 months. But even there they demolishes MIBR once and lost very close against Evil Geniuses which is no shame.


After 1 great tournament of Furia I am already reading comments about kscerato being a top 5 player of 2020 as this man is just insane. He is the most expensive player for a reason but I still think he is worth it. Give this man a rifle and he does what you want from him. Nonetheless we shouldn’t forget that he will probably have the highest ownage so it might be a good play to fade him although I won’t risk it personally. After the best one follows the worst one. VINI is the only Furia player I wont play today. Although the in game leader is very skilled as well there are just too many other beautiful pick in this team.

Hen1 the AWPer is really feeling it this tournament and this is also showing in his stats as he has the second most fantasy points this tournament. Considering he is facing of koosta as the enemy AWPer who is in kind of a slump right now hes is my favorite pick of Furia overall.

Nonetheless yuurih shouldn’t be taken out of consideration. In generell he had a little drop of kill wise the last month, but all off a sudden he turned up to destroy Liquid in yesterdays match. Furia definitely won their enemies map pick Overpass because of his stunning 28 fraggs.

The last player to discuss is an interesting one as words can’t describe. arT is getting a lot of praise the last days for his gamesense all over the CS:GO scene. Especially other pro players are amazed how he is utilizing his insane gamesense in such an aggressive way. He for sure wins them some rounds in every matchup which actually has an insane amount of impact. Fantasy wise he isn’t the best player in general but to our advantage it’s a kind of top or flop situation for him. If he is feeling it it’s over for the enemies and he gets a lot of kills due to his aggressive playstyle. If he has such a game today he could be an insane pick with low ownership overall.


The fact that I see GenG losing either way and they don’t have a top fragger as other teams do makes me not liking these players at all. Due to the underperformance of koosta their 2 other best players bntet and autimatic get a lot more room but the performances they are putting up aren’t that good enough for being a safe call if they win a map. Of course both can do and have been doing it but for my feeling they have been doing it too rarely. If I would have to decide I would pick autimatic of both of them. daps price is there for a reason. I wouldn’t touch him at all as this man isnt even doing anything notable when they are winning. s0m was also often mentioned as a risky pick before as he sometimes has a great overperformance for 1 or 2 maps, but this also was when they were predicted to win. I see the point that GenG players will have low ownage but I personally don’t want to throw away money which is why I wont pick any players of them at all.

I hope this article has helped you to gain some insights and made it easier to pick your teams for the final today. Any feedback is appreciated as always!

The games start at 22:00 CET so make you lock your teams by then!

You can enter the 10K tournament here.

Good luck!

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