Monster Preview for the “German €50K Monster” [€10K 1st place]

The waiting has finally come to an end. The German Bundesliga is starting again, and to make this news even better: this top league from Germany is also arriving at!

On Saturday there will be a huge 50.000€ GTD tournament at, called the “German Monster”.

1st Place will win incredible 10.000€ and the buy-in for each team is only 20€ for each team!

The following 8 matches are included in this tournament:

In this huge preview i want to dive into a deep analysis for this 50.000€ tournament and i want to share my opinion of the most interesting teams and players based on various statistics.

But now let us begin, i hope you enjoy my article.


First of all let’s have a look on all 8 matches of this tournament:

5 of the 8 matches are starting on Saturday at the same time. This is important for us, because it means, we can check the lineups of 10 teams, before the tournament is starting.

Now let’s have a deeper look for all 16 teams of this weekend:

Munich, Leipzig and Dortmund are the favourites for this weekend, which is no surprise when you look at the table of the Bundesliga.

Cologne with 48% and Dusseldorf with 45% are looking surprisingly strong, but both have rather weak opponents and both play at home.

You can see the Bundesliga is a high scoring league, only 3 teams have a probability of less than 70% to score.

This is important to notice. The German Bundesliga is very rich in goals:

3,25 goals per match is a huge value, especially compared to other big leagues in Europe.

Now it’s time to look at the players, and not only at the teams.

First of all we look at the defensive, then we look at the offensive.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.


I’ve marked 4 teams as very interesting, Wolfsburg and Dusseldorf in the upper half, Augsburg and Hertha in the lower half.

Especially Wolfsburg with only 6.9M average price and a strong 30% clean sheet probability and Augsburg with very cheap 5.9M and still solid 22% are looking very promising in my opinion.

Munich and Leipzig are pretty expensive, but you get a very good chance for a clean sheet, too.

Dortmund might be too expensive with 9.1M and “only” 38% probability for a CS.

Gelsenkirchen, Freiburg and U Berlin aren’t really worth a closer look, too.


Munich and Leipzig are of course pretty expensive with 14.2M and 12.9M, but 50% and 41% chance for scoring at least 3 goals is a very good value.

Dortmund looks too expensive again with 12.7M.

Hertha could be very interesting, only 6.8M is pretty cheap.


Now i want to present you some interesting players for this tournament.

K. Casteels (Wolfsburg / 7.7M) GK

The goalkeeper of Wolfsburg is my choice here as a gk.

7.7M is pretty cheap, Wolfsburg has a decent chance for a clean sheet and they conceded only 30 goals so far in this season. Only Leipzig and Munich conceded less goals (26).

An alternative as a goalkeeper in the same price range could be Y. Sommer (Gladbach).

If you want a very cheap goalkeeper maybe look at Mainz for F. Müller (5.7M).

K. Ayhan (Dusseldorf / 7.7M) DEF

Ayhan is a strong choice in the defense of Dusseldorf. The center-back already scored 2 goals and 3 assists. 

Additionally only 4 teams have a higher probability for a clean sheet than Dusseldorf at this weekend.

R. Bensebaini (Gladbach / 7.7M) DEF

Bensebaini plays left-back for Gladbach and is very strong in the offense.

In this season he already scored 4 goals and scored 1 assist in only 819 minutes on the pitch.

He already also played some matches in the midfield in this season.

R. Skov (Hoffenheim / 8.2M) DEF

Skov is another interesting left-back here. He plays for Hoffenheim and already scored 3 goals and 4 assists in this season (no one at Hoffenheim has scored more assists).

One of the reasons for that is, that he often plays on more offensive positions, than as a left-back.

S. Bornauw (Cologne / 8.6M) DEF

Bornauw is a center back at Cologne and very dangerous in front of the goal.

So far in this season he already scored 5 goals, only one defender has scored more goals (Hinteregger / 6).

A. Harit (Gelsenkirchen / 6.5M) MID

Harit is my cheapest choice for the midfield here.

He is a strong player as an offensive midfielder.

Harit scored the most assists for Schalke (4) and scored the 2nd most goals (6).

For 6.5M you won’t have a lot of risk here, especially because it looks like Witsel and Can are going to miss this match for Dortmund, so he should have more space to show his skills in the offense.

K. Pröger (Paderborn / 7.4M) MID

Pröger is a key player for Paderborn, as he already scored 7 assists in this season, and additionally he scored 2 more goals. For 7.4M he’s looking very promising, especially if you think Paderborn has a chance, to score a few goals.

F. Kostic (Frankfurt / 8.1M) MID

Kostic is a powerhouse in the midfield of Eintracht Frankfurt. Only 5 players in the whole Bundesliga (all from Munich, Dortmund or Leipzig) scored more assists so far in this season, than him (9). He also scored 4 goals.

For 8.1M his price-performance seems to be very good.

C. Baumgartner (Hoffenheim / 10.0M) MID

A strategic choice here, as Hoffenheim is in trouble with their strikers.

Kramaric and Belfodil are injured and Dabbur is questionable.

Kicker is expecting the following starting 11:

Baumann – Kaderabek, Akpoguma, B. Hübner, Zuber – Grillitsch – Rudy, Geiger – Skov, Bebou, Baumgartner

Baumgartner is listed in the MID and already scored 4 goals and 3 assists so far in this season.

K. Coman (Frankfurt / 11.8M) MID

I have to mention Coman here for a few different reasons.

Other than Gnabry, Coman is listed in the MID, which means he gets more points for scoring a goal and he earns 1 point for a clean sheet.

The second reason for me is the price, he only costs 11.8M, while Gnabry costs 13.6M.

But of course there is some risk, as he might won’t be in the starting lineup. But i read the chance he is starting is pretty high, as he is absolutely fit.

If you want to take less risk, you might could choose Perisic (12.1M). If Coman won’t play, Perisic will play as left wing, because the 3rd option Coutinho is unavailable.

Because of the safety net you would still get a decent player with Goretzka (11.9M), if he is starting for Munich. If he also doesn’t play from the beginning, too, you would receive Coman for your team.

K. Piatek (Hertha / 7.1M) FOR

As my cheapest choice in the offense i go for Piatek.

7.1M is a very good price for such a good striker.

Piatek was transferred from AC Milan in late January for 24 million €.

Opponent Hoffenheim does not have the best defense, as they already conceded 43 goals, so i see a good chance for Piatek here.

R. Quaison (Mainz / 7.6M) FOR

Quaison is also pretty cheap for such a strong striker that he is.

He already scored 12 goals, the next player at Mainz in this statistic “only” scored 4 goals. Next to that he also scored 2 assists.

If you go for Mainz, Quaison should be in your team for sure.

F. Niederlechner (Augsburg / 8.1M) FOR

Niederlechner is another very good striker offering a great price-performance.

He is the absolute powerhouse for Augsburg, as he already scored 11 goals and 8 assists.

Only Gnabry, Müller, Werner, Lewandowski and Sancho have earned more scorer points so far in this season.

D. Ginczek (Wolfsburg / 8.9M) FOR

This one is a bit tricky. Usually Weghorst is striker number one for Wolfsburg, but he is suspended for this match.

This is the chance for Ginczek now, he is a decent striker who already scored 2 goals and 1 assist in only 346 minutes this season for Wolfsburg..

I don’t think many people will have him on the roster for this tournament, that’s why i think he could be a good decision.

P. Schick (Leipzig / 12.2M) FOR

All focus is on Timo Werner of course, but do not underestimate Schick.

He already scored 7 goals and 2 assists in only 897 minutes and i think, that he will not be in that many teams in this tournament.

Of course Werner is more likely to score, but Werner will be in a lot of teams in this tournament i guess.

That’s why i like to take the risk here with Schick, he is also much cheaper than Werner (14.0M).

Goal scorers

At the end of my preview we will have a look at the most likely goal scorers for this tournament.

It is no surprise that Munich, Leipzig and Dortmund are leading the field.

But besides that there are some very nice picks in my opinion, most of them i have already mentioned above.

You can join the tournament directly here.

Good luck!

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