German 50K Monster on Fanteam – Preview by @Boruzze

written by D. Horvat, May 15th, 2020

German 50k Monster on Fanteam

written by D. Horvat, May 15th, 2020

Allright folks, no need to clap yourself. This is not a dream. The wait is finally over. We are back with a big football tournament on fanteam. It is not the premier league, though, but it is another big european league which is just about to get their feet back on the track: The german Bundesliga.

While COVID-19 still draws its circles around the globe, the german society couldn´t stand it without their beloved sport anymore. So they decided to build a huge mob and revolt right in front of the german Bundestag to force politics to give the green light for their favourite kicker. The chancellor Merkel collapsed under this enormous pressure, said „We can do this“ and gave her go to a rolling ball again.

Of course I am kidding but in my dreams it wouldve happened exactly like this. Anyway.

Normally you would see a review from last week here but since this is the first time the Bundesliga is played on fanteam, there is none of course. So let´s skip this part and head straight into everything you need to know about the upcoming big tournament.

What ? German Bundesliga gameweek 26

When ? Action starts at saturday, may 16th at 3.30PM CET

Where ?  On Fanteam of course, visit

There are three different buy in types to choose from. 0.50€, 20€ and 500€

The payout structure for the 20€ buy in looks as follows:

GW26 Preview

The fixtures for the upcoming gameday look like this and only mondays game between Bremen and Leverkusen is missing.

It has been more than two months that the Bundesliga referees blew their whistles for the last time. On March 11  the rivalry duel between Monchengladbach and Cologne was played out with no attendance and there has been no other game since then. So obviously this gameweek is more than hard to predict as there are no results, no video footage, no fitness status, no form or any other useful in-depth analysis or updates about the clubs and players. On top of that, all the upcoming games are played in front of no crowd.

There are big questionmarks on every case:

Will it be easier for away teams because there is no home crowd to play against ?

Will the games itself be more calm and feature lesser cards due to the fact that there is no heated mood inside the building ? Or is it the other way around because the players have not played for so long and are extra motivated ?

Will it maybe even take away the home teams pressure ?

Will there be lesser goals than usually due to the fact that the players have to adapt first ?

I can not give answers to those questions. If you can, you should be able to build a squad which comes out on top. Otherwise we all have to wait, see and probably have better answers next week.

But what we can do, though, is to get a quick overview from the bookie odds and thus the probabilities of winning, clean sheeting and most likely goal scoring players.

Dortmund vs Schalke W: 66% / 17% CS: 43% / 17% G: Haaland (DOR) 59%

Augsburg vs Wolfsburg W: 30% / 46% CS: 27% / 36% G: Niederlechner (AUG) 36%

Dusseldorf vs Paderborn W: 47% / 30% CS: 33% / 24% G: Hennings (DUS) 46%

Leipzig vs Freiburg W: 76% / 11% CS: 50% / 13% G: Werner (LEI) 65%

Hoffenheim vs Hertha W: 47% / 30% CS: 33% / 24% G: Dabbur (HOF) 37%

Frankfurt vs Gladbach W: 35% / 43% CS: 24% / 29% G: Plea (GLA) 37%

Cologne vs Mainz W: 53% / 26% CS: 33% / 20% G: Cordoba (COL) 44%

Union vs Bayern W: 8% / 82% CS: 11% / 56% G: Lewandowski (BAY) 74%

The three thoughts

As always, you are not completely on your own with your decisionmaking. As already mentioned, there have been easier gamedays in the Bundesliga than this one. The league itself is probably the most balanced of the top 4 leagues in europe. Nearly every season there is a surprising team in the upper half of the table as well as at the bottom. The range and variety of particular stand out players is wide on a normal gameday. This time it is even wider. Anyway, here are the three thoughts that could potentially help you out a bit.

  1. There have been plenty of interviews over the week where players admitted that it felt strange to go out on the green again. They said it felt as if the´ve forgotten their feet at home. Normally, the Bundesliga is a high scoring league. Over 2.5 goals per game are very common. This time, I am not too sure about that. The adaption to the new situation, a two month long break, just a few training units and especially the play without any fans could lead to lesser goals than usually. This means, a 4 or 5 at the back formation could maybe be a better option than the 3 at the back.
  2. Markus Gisdol is the manager of FC Cologne for 13 games now. He managed to win 8 of them and is a huge impact of their recent success. Under normal circumstances and in consideration of their form, they should definetely beat a heavily struggling Mainz side at home. The opening odds on a win for Cologne started above 2.0 and are constantly falling. Be warned, it is an unusual situation, but normally a Cologne stack should pay out here.
  3. Curious story. FC Augsburg manager Heiko Herrlich made a big mistake. While being with his team in the quarantine hotel, he left it on own purpose and violated the rules. As a result, he neither will lead the training on friday nor be at the sideline in their home game against Wolfsburg. FC Augsburg has been a struggling side anyway and were underdogs against Wolfsburg. I don´t think that a missing coach will make things better here, even more worse. So a Wolfsburg stack could maybe be the way to grab some good fantasy points, especially if we take their price into consideration. There is no player more expensive than 9.1m and the defense lies around 7.0m, which is a very good deal given the circumstances.

Only thing left to say: Let the ball roll again, grab your chance on the german monster and good luck!

About the author:
Daniel Horvat (@Boruzze) studied journalism in cologne, is a sports enthusiast (Football, NHL, Tennis, Esports), fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach and has a 12 year long poker background . Coming now for having fun and success in daily fantasy sports on FanTeam.

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