The German Triple Stack Preview (17. + 18.05.)

The action is not over yet at Fanteam for this weekend. 

On Sunday there is another huge tournament, 5000€ GTD for a buy in of just 10€ for each team.

There is also a smaller version with a buy in of 0.50€ for each team.

The following 3 matches and 6 teams are included in this tournament:

How does it work?

If you did not know Fanteam before, to play in this huge tournament is very easy.

You have to choose a team of 7 players from the 3 matches above, maximum is 4 players from 1 team.

This tournament is played in the pursuit format, this means your budget is no problem, but you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left at the end.

You can check your bonus points in the upper right side.

Then you have to choose a captain and a vice-captain. The captain costs x2 the price and his points are multiplied by 2, too.

The vice-captain costs x1.5, same to his points at the end.


Munich is of course the biggest favourite in this tournament, but Leverkusen and Cologne still have a chance of more than 50% to win.

All 3 teams have a high scoring probability of 86-94%, but the clean sheet probability of Leverkusen and Cologne isn’t that outstanding. Bremen and Mainz are not without a chance here, at least for scoring maybe 1-2 goals.

In general i would say this tournament looks like you either go for Munich (captain Lewandowski, Müller…) or you are searching your luck at Leverkusen/Cologne.

Goal scorers

Havertz is the king of Leverkusen, his price of 11.4M looks very fair, because he does not only love to score goals, he also loves to score assists.

On the opposite Rashica is a very strong choice, only 6.9M and listed in the MID, Rashica already scored 7 goals and 4 assists so far in this season.

Since Cologne – Mainz is the first match of this tournament, you can check the line ups, before the tournament starts.

Quaison is a nice choice if you think Mainz has a chance against Cologne, only 7.6M. He already scored 12 goals and 2 assists.

At Cologne you should watch out for Cordoba, he already scored 10 goals and 1 assist in this season.

At Munich you will find the best duo of the league, Lewandowski, who scored 25 goals so far, and Müller, who scored 16 assists so far.

And if you really think Union Berlin will have a chance at home against Munich, Andersson should be your man, as he already scored 11 goals and 3 assists in this season.

Possible team

In my possible team i go for Leverkusen and Cologne, both opponents conceded many goals so far in this season, Mainz 53 goals (3rd most) and Bremen even 55 goals (the most of the whole league).

Kainz and Cordoba look like a good duo, as Kainz already scored 7 assists.

Havertz already scored 8 assists and Bellarabi even 9.

Bornauw already scored 5 goals as a defender, in the whole league only Hinteregger scored more goals as a defender (6).

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