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Daily Fantasy Interviews: Quirrel77

Today we have a special guest around. It is Benni, known as ‘quirrel77’ on FanTeam.

He is ranked 2nd in the all time FanTeam Leaderboard. If you are a long time daily fantasy sports player on FanTeam you surely already stepped over his name. If you are new to the site you will sooner than later. Anyway, let’s see if he has some good insight and advice for us today.

We start things off with a little personal description and head on right into the interview.

  • Name: Benni
  • Age: 31
  • Country: Germany
  • Hobbies: DFS, Poker and doing sports (soccer, basketball, badminton, spikeball)
  • Plays DFS since: 2013
  • Favourite tournaments on FanTeam: NBA, Weekly Monster.
  • Favourite players on FanTeam: James Ward-Prowse (SOU), Patrick van Aanholt (CRY) , Lou Williams (LAC)
  • Favourite team in real life: VfL Bochum
  • Favourite players in real life: Özil, Van Dijk, Ronaldinho


Q: Hi quirrel77, how are you? How was your DFS weekend on FanTeam?

quirrel77: Hey, I am good, thanks. It was ok, I would say dfs like. I still have much room for improvement in my CS:GO lineups and results. They are not yet what I am hoping for.  Despite that, with the Bundesliga on Fanteam a long-held personal wish finally came true. I am pleased with my score, even if it was not enough for the big litter.

Q: How and when did you find your way to daily fantasy sports?

quirrel77: It should have been around 2013. It has come to my attention on a poker forum and catched me right away because I’ve been interested in football manager games my whole life.

Q: So you had a small advantage already and were successful right away? Tell us about that time.

quirrel77: No, I would not say that I was successful right away. At the beginning I only played freerolls to build a bankroll and get to know the principles. In that time I learned how to create a successful squad. Then I was lucky enough to win a freeroll for 50€ and started to play real money tournaments.

Back then, when Fanteam was still called woofbet, the tourneys had a 150€ pricepool and like 10 to 15 entries. Myself included, the strategies of the participants were not on a very high skill level. It is a bit over the top now but sometimes it felt like “Let’s go Messi!” and that’s it. There is no comparison to the nice and big tourneys nowadays.

Q: Did you have any help or helpers?

quirrel77: Because dfs (in europe) was a very small number back then, I had no one that teached me new tricks or something but I  had some guys from poker and a dfs skype group, so the mutual exchange was definetely given. Additionally, my pokerbackground helped me a lot to understand the mathematic behind daily fantasy sports, even if the math skills I have only come from my waldorf school time.

Q: You said you learned how to create a succesful squad. What was the key?

quirrel77: The squads of my opponents often just contained the players with the most points so I knew I had to do something different.

I started to look up the bookies odds and put the probabilities in comparison to the players fanteam price. Or, for example, I looked for players who played way more offensive than they were listed on fanteam. Martial this season, who is listed as a midfielder and plays up front, is a perfect example for what I mean.

Q: What would you advice to new daily fantasy sports players? What would be an important thing to do?

quirrel77: Well, there are of course lots of things you have to be aware about. But if you want me to name some I would at first recommend to find a contest you are really into. You like basketball? Go play NBA. You love italian football? Try Serie A. It is important to get a little deeper into it and that comes the easiest way with fun about the league or sport you play. But for now, with Corona, this advice is maybe difficult to manage.

Q: Anything else?

quirrell77: I know it is hard but I would advice anyone to play smaller fields at first. It is simple: The more players in the field, the lesser the chances to win. If it has to be the weekly monster for example, better play 10×2€ than 1×20€. The keyword is named variance.

Because no matter how good your squads are, there are times when you are not successful so it would be advantageous to not go for broke.

Q: Sounds good. Ok, one last!

quirrel77: Talk to others! They don’t necessarily have to be experts but in a group or in a conversation with other dfs players you can get useful strategies or impressions much easier than stolidly holding on to your own concept (if there even is one 😀 ).

Q: What kind of contests do you play? Do you have a favourite ?

quirrel77: I have to admit that I think I have tried every given sport at least once. But for sure I have my personal favourites. The priority is on NBA and the premier league.

Q: How long does it take you to prepare your squads for a bigger contest like the weekly monster?

quirrel77: It depends but normally you can say like 2-3 hours to prepare my data and 2-3 hours to fill the squads. So it can be easily 5+ hours. 

I am not an IT expert so from the bookie odds I am making my very own projections for every player. To make it a little clearer, I am giving an average point value to each player and make my final decisions out of that. Sure, that is timely but what in life, that you want a good outcome from, is not?

Q: What do you say to the newly invented pursuit mode? Yah or nah?

quirrel77: It is Yah and Nah. Yah for small slates like 1 or 2 games because it boosts the value of underdig picks and increases the tension. Nah for a full slate with 5+ games upwards. For that I like the normal mode much more. But maybe it is still too early to point out a final statement. Like everyone else, I am still figuring it out myself.

Q: To come to an end: Tell me a good dfs story from yourself.

quirrel77: Uh, that’s a tough one. Spontaneous I would say championship two years ago. I had Alexis Sanchez as the last player in the squad and it was a save bet that I needed a scorer from him to bring me on top. So I followed the ticker and bang, Arsenal scored. I was desperately hoping that Sanchez made it but unfortunately it was an own goal. So I tried to find a source to watch the goal. It turned out that they scored after a free kick which was taken by Alexis Sanchez. He got the assist and that brought me up on top for the biggest paycheck I ever got so far. This happened on new years eve and for sure I had a big party night up ahead then.

Q: Thank you for the nice storys and insightful views. Best of luck to you, quirrel!

quirrel77: Thank you mate, take care!

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