CS:GO Dreamhack Masters 21.05. on FanTeam Preview

Other than on the first day of Dreamhack, yesterday the favorites managed to win their games. Some made it look easy and some struggled, but in the end everyone won. Looking at today, it’s not possible to call who is the favorite, at least in 2 out of 3 matches. And lets see, maybe G2 can do something against the still strong looking Astralis, who are without their in game leader gla1ve for the time being.

As always at the Dreamhack there are 3 matches in the schedule today. 2 EU matches, fighting off for the top places in Group A, and 1 NA match the 2 favorites of NA´s group A meet.

Two days ago I wrote about CS:GO Fantasy more generally. Today, as well as yesterday  I will focus on my favorite player picks as you all should be familiar with CSGO Fantasy. If not go back to the article of the 20.05. and have a read.

The buying for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000€, with nearly 1,500€ for the first place alone. Next two it there is also a 1€ tournament today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

North vs Heroic

Another danish derby will start the day, which isn’t a rarity as 3 out of 4 teams are danish in this group. Where the odds suggest a 50/50 match I am seeing a close match, but with the better end for Heroic. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t count North out or fade their players, but looking at the results of both teams and the way both teams are playing Heroic should have the edge. While Heroic should have won against G2 yesterday and just against Astralis in the closest fashion possible, North got stomped by Astralis yesterday. They won against G2 two days ago, but weirdly the didnt made me feel comfortable for them going into this match.

In Heroic it is stavn who definitely stands out. He top fragged in both matches for them and lead the scoreboard by far. Being priced at 10,3 million he still gets at least some bonus points but if he continues to perform like he did until now he won’t need the bonus points in order to be valuable. niko is just priced 0,2 million higher. He arrived in the tournament yesterday and has shown why he is the star of the team. I really like the combination of both of them as they have shown that they can perform both at the same time just yesterday.

On the North side it’s not really possible to gain any information of yesterdays match against Astralis. Stats don’t mean that much when you get demolished completely.

However, you still saw a bit of th theory i mentioned yesterday, that gade has a lot more freedom due to the loss of Kjaerbye. I still think he will benefit a lot from it so I like him a lot today. 

In order for North to win, aizy has to show up like he did against G2 and not like he did against Astralis. The difference was enormous, but I am quite sure he can get back to the first days performance against an enemy of the caliber of Heroic.

G2 vs Astralis

The second match of the day is the most obvious one, at least on paper. Even though they have just recently lost their in game leader gla1ve for some time, they still seem to be a different beast. Both teams matched up twice in the just finished Road to Rio and it couldn’t have been looking better for Astralis their. As G2 already struggled against weaker opponents like North and Heroic many see the result already written down. Even though I also expect a win for Astralis, I don’t think it will be easy for Astralis in any way. Two days ago you could have seen that Astralis has massive problems on their T side without gla1ve, and G2 definitely has the power to lock down their CT side and take advantage of that. 

As usual anyone at Astralis can get you the most points at the end of the day, especially with gla1ve, arguably the weakest force, being replaced with Jugi who himself has huge potential.

Looking at the prices, device and xyp9x are the ones that I like the most. Device has the highest ceiling of Astralis and he can do things stats wise that not many players can. To fade him would be a huge risk and its not worth it in my opinion. On top of it device is one of the best CT players in the game. Assuming Astralis have to win most of their rounds on the CT side, device will definitely have some pieces of the cake.

Xyp9x on the other side seems to take advantage of the department of gla1ve, at least stats wise. Jugi is a quite aggressive player while gla1ve was a passive one. xyp9x seems to be only real passive player left which lets him get many kills. Underlying this theses are the 193 average fantasy points in the two games without gla1ve.

On the G2 side all 3 stars are priced nearly even. You could only guess who performs best, but I think huNter has the highest potential so I will play him the most. 

On the lower priced side I love JaCkz. Although he has been performing quite weak yesterday, he has done the exact opposite two days ago. Being priced at 9,3 million he can definitely prove his worth. And we all know how this works in CS:GO. If a player performs on one day he fails to deliver on the next and the other way around. Jokes aside, this does seem to happen quite often right now so why don’t give it a try.

Furia vs Liquid

Another 50/50 match to end the day, and it is quite an exciting one. It is a rematch of the ESL One Road to Rio NA semifinal, where Furia took down Liquid 2:0. Considering the match was in the playoffs and they are now facing off against each other in the group stage, where Liquid seems to struggle a lot based on their recent results, I highly favor Furia.

Looking at Furias players, I like yuurih the most. He is in the shadow of kscerato often, but he is insanely talented as well, as you saw yesterday against MIBR. The just named kscerato has failed to deliver yesterday, but I have no doubt that he can turn it round today. We might be lucky and his ownership is a bit lower because of his weaker performance today. 

I would like to add, that is unlikely that both players go off together. I would pick one of them and fill him up with either the AWPer HEN1 or the entry fragger art.

On the Liquid side EliGe is priced too low at 10,7 million for my thinking. Sure, he hasn’t performed in their last game. But nobody is perfect and even one of the most consistent star players in CSGO has to be the bottom fragger sometimes. I have no doubt that he will be on the top of the scoreboard again, most likely already today. Next to him Twistzz is worth a shout, as he has been coming alive in online CSGO the last few matches. Twistzz performing to his usual could be the key for Liquid to take down Furia, so watch out for him.  

Good luck!

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