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Written by D. Horvat, May 21

So, here we are, back again, after the first ever Bundesliga tournament on Fanteam last week. And what a blast it was. But let´s take a look back on it on the review part and first let us be glad that we get another nice shot at a 50.000€ prizepool in approximately 2 days from now on.

Yep, you heard it right, folks. While every other big league is still sleeping and praying that COVID-19 suddenly disappears, the germans took it in their own hands. With patience, self-discipline and a big portion of new and weird rulesets, they managed to get the league going.

Sure, it is a strange picture to see someone disinfect the ball. Of course it is kind of comical to see players celebrate on their own, clapping hands with their elbows, sitting masked with distance on the stands and hold up interviews with meters spacing.

Unfortunately, I think those are the things we all have to get used to for now. But I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this is still better than an interrupted league.

Anyway, let us head right into the review of last weeks first German Monster.

Gameweek 26 Review

Last weeks tournament was thrilling until the end and was mainly decided by Bayern Munichs 2-0 win at Union Berlin. Benjamin Pavards beautiful header goal from that corner turned things a bit upside down in the end. Good for one, bad for another. But that is how DFS works, right ?

The top 18 from last weekend looked like this in the end:

It is absolutely stunning and crazy that ‘nevermind721’ seriously managed to secure #1 and #2 for himself, giving him a nice paycheck of 14.000€. It is even more unbelievable that he beat the entire field with a squad that had a one player disadvantage due to Dortmunds Reina getting injured right before kickoff. So, let us take a closer look on his winning squad.

You just need a quick glance to see what was the key here: To captain Ramy Bensebaini, the full-back of Borussia Monchengladbach, was a very wise decision. He not only had a goal and assist as a defender, he even got that clean sheet due to his substitution before they conceded to sum it up for a total of 32 great captain points. As only a total of 0.2% made this decision, it is not a secret that this one player alone made a really big difference to the entire field.

Besides that, his Hertha Berlin players all scored or assisted and Braut Haaland also had a great day on that 4-0 victory over Schalke 04.

All in all, this is one of the best squads I have ever seen in a Monster tournament for quite a time, especially with one player not even playing. Mister ‘nevermind721’, I truly bow to you. Excellent job and well deserved.

But let us not forget about the other players. #3 on the list is ‘deDruno’, who only had one squad in the tournament to make a 3rd place finish and cashed for 2.000€. Not a bad thing for only 20€ to be honest. Right behind him we have ‘daaceofdiamonds’ and the now well-known ‘quirrel77’ on 5th place. There is an interview with him on this blog, so if you haven´t seen it already, go ahead and take a look.

Congratulations to all of our winners.

Gameweek 27 Preview

You shouted and FanTeam heard you.

With gameweek 27 right ahead, we have some exciting games to come and a nice change in the payout table. The prizes are not as top heavy anymore as they were last week. We have 7.500€ for the winner now and even the 12th place will cash for a 4-digit sum. More players profitate, more happy players. Easy.

Here are the newly upper prizes for the upcoming gameday, starting 3.30PM CET on Saturday:

As always, we will take a look on bookies odds, clean sheet probabilities and most likely players to score.

Gladbach vs Leverkusen W: 43% / 38% CS: 24% / 22% G: Plea (GLA) 40%

Freiburg vs Bremen W: 46% / 32% CS: 30% / 24% G: Petersen (FRE) 40%

Paderborn vs Hoffenheim W: 31% / 48% CS: 21% / 29% G: Dabbur (HOF) 37%

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund W: 22% / 58% CS: 18% / 36% G: Haaland (DOR) 61%

Bayern vs Frankfurt W: 87% / 7% CS: 50% / 9% G: Lewandowski (BAY) 79%

Schalke vs Augsburg W: 50% / 26% CS: 37% / 24% G: Burgstaller (SCH) 33%

Mainz vs Leipzig W: 15% / 69% CS: 14% / 40% G: Werner (LEI) 59%

Cologne vs Dusseldorf  W: 55% / 23% CS: 37% / 21% G: Cordoba (COL) 44%

If you read last weeks preview, you know that I had big questionmarks on nearly every occasion. I would not say that they are all answered, but definetely some. Let us ask those questions again and try to find answers from what we´ve seen so far.

Will it be easier for away teams because there is no home crowd to play against ?

A: A big yes. I don´t know if you noticed but Borussia Dortmunds win over Schalke was the only (!) home win on the whole slate. With Leverkusen, Bayern, Gladbach and Berlin there were even 4 teams that could take the away win by 2 or more goals difference. It is hard to imagine that this would have happened with a cheering home audience.

Will it maybe even take away the home teams pressure ?

A: Probably not but Freiburgs Nils Petersen said exactly that in an interview during the week. Quote: ‘You can dare to do things that you would not do if there are 20,30 or 40 thousand people around you.’

Will the games itself be more calm and feature lesser cards due to the fact that there is no heated mood inside the building ?

A: Maybe. Curiously, there was no red card in all nine games but the yellow cards were about the same number than before.

Will there be lesser goals than usually due to the fact that the players have to adapt first ?

A: Hell no. The goals were coming just like they always do in Bundesliga. 6 out of 9 games went over 2.5, 4 of them even over 3.5 goals and only one game ended goalless.

I also questioned the fitness level of the players and surprisingly most of them were in a really good shape. So no need to worry about that.

The three thoughts

 I am trying to make it quick now, so no introduction to ‘the three thoughts’ this time. A mindful reader knows it anyway, so.

  1. Freiburg had a great start last week with sneaking a point from big favourite Leipzig. Now they are back at home, awaiting trouble club Werder Bremen. Bremen had a very bad week since their 1-4 defeat to Leverkusen. The noises around the club, especially from former club icons, to fire coach Kohlfeldt are getting louder and the media agrees to that. Voices are saying that the players are stunned and frightened to lose. No good sign, awaiting the important game at Freiburg. Long story short: Keep a Freiburg stack in mind.
  2. Gladbach vs Leverkusen has been a high scoring game ever since. 13 of their last 20 duels went over 2.5, often there are even 4+ goals. Given the recent form of the teams and their performances last week, I expect it to be again. So maybe better avoid their defenders and put an eye out on the frontlines as they are both able to score.
  3. As Schalke has a bookies 37% chance of clean sheeting, their defenders prices in comparison are on average level. With Todibo out, there could even be a possibility that Timo Becker makes the starting squad. You can grab him for under 8m. But be careful: Schalke is not on the run, the pressure to win this game against Augsburg is very high. Might be risky.

Enough talking. Time to grab your spot on the German Monster and good luck!

You can enter the tournament here.

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Daniel Horvat (@Boruzze) studied journalism in cologne, is a sports enthusiast (Football, NHL, Tennis, Esports), fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach and has a 12 year long poker background . Coming now for having fun and success in daily fantasy sports on FanTeam.

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