Fanteam 2nd German League Preview (22.05.)


Fanteam now also offers the 2. Bundesliga of Germany.

Starting this Friday with a 5000€ GTD tournament. Buy in for each team is just 10€.

You can select players from the following 8 matches of this weekend:

But now have fun with my preview.


Interesting to notice: There are less goals per match in the 2. Bundesliga, than in the 1. Bundesliga, about 0.4 goals less per match.

Now let’s have a look at the 16 teams

It’s easy to see, that the 2. Bundesliga is very balanced.

Heidenheim is the only team with a more than 50% chance of winning.

But even their opponents Wiesbaden still have a chance or 23% to win this match.


Most prices are looking reasonable, Stuttgart is pretty expensive with 8.3M and just a 25% chance of a CS, Darmstadt and Hannover are much cheaper, and they both have an even higher chance for a CS with 27% and 26%, that’s why i marked them green for a very good value.


Again pretty reasonable prices here, Stuttgart is looking very fair this time.

Maybe Kiel could be interesting, as they are pretty cheap with just 7.0M and still a solid chance of scoring at least 3 goals.

Possible team

Based on the tendencies above i want to present you a possible team for this tournament.

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