German Monster Preview by Nevermind – 23.05.2020

So, I guess the first-ever Bundesliga Monster went okay for me as my best teams ended up in 1st and 2nd. I had a bet with fellow user KJIIOIIIKA who won a selection of German beer as a result, which, honestly, might be the REAL prize here.

In the first post-Covid19-gameweek, we had some weird games with relatively few surprises. Interestingly, we witnessed only one home win and five away victories.

Surely, it is a thing to monitor if home advantage is gone for good without fans.

Today’s picks, fitting to my deal with KJIIOIIIKA, will be beer-related. Keep in mind that I am from Bavaria and other parts of Germany might have different beer selections. Nevertheless, make sure to consider the picks below for your lineup. Next time, it could be you walking home with 10000 Euros! But if my picks aid you and lead to glory, make sure to send me a selection of YOUR local beers!

Erdinger – popular classic that won’t disappoint

Captain Picks

Whilst Lewandowski will possibly be the most popular captain option again (and rightfully so, because he is by far Bayern’s most dangerous player), please do not sleep on Müller (Munich, 13.7m). He often seems like he does not know where to put his various body parts, but he surely knows where to put the ball. You might be surprised to hear that within all top European leagues, the only player with more assists from 2010 to 2020 is Messi. Since Flick took over, Müller is sporting 6 goals and 11 assists in 16 matches. He already scored against Frankfurt but was offside by a few nanometers. 


If you want to go slightly more differential, consider Havertz (Leverkusen, 9.9m). Everybody checked the scoreline last week and saw his two goals. More interesting is the fact that he played as an “out-of-position” striker. With five shots, he was by far Leverkusen’s most dangerous attacking player and looked fresh coming out of the Corona break. A difficult away game in Mönchengladbach (4th in Goals Allowed, 5th in xGA) might scare some people away, but with now three goals and one assist in his two starts as a striker, he might be a sneaky differential option.

Riegele – less known underdog that might surprise 

Value Picks

Riegele is a family-brewery in Augsburg. Fittingly, last week I recommended Max (Augsburg) here, but following some bad luck, he did not deliver. Two goals were scored after his free kicks, but one Fantasy Assist was taken back (scorer changed from own goal to Jedvaj), and one goal was ruled out due to offside. Keep him on your shortlist.

For this week, one value pick to consider is Skov (Hoffenheim, 8.1m). Listed as a defender on Fanteam, he actually started as an attacking winger last week. Paderborn were piss-poor offensively against a fellow bottom-team, only managing two shots in the box against Düsseldorf. Combine the clean sheet potential with some scoring / assisting upside and there you have several ways for him to repay your trust. Skov could well be this week’s Bensebaini.

Another less-known pick – at least outside of Germany – could be Harit (Gelsenkirchen, 11.0m). He has been Schalke’s second-best scorer and best assister of the season. This selection is more counter-Augsburg than pro-Harit though. Since the winter break, no team has conceded more than Augsburg (23 goals in 9 games). The cherry on top: Harit seems to be on penalties. Please do not put cherries in your beer though. That’s disgusting.

Gösser Radler – stacking beer with lemonade

Stack of the Week

A popular German summer drink is “Radler” (literal translation: “cyclist”). Because cyclists should not ride around drunk, beer is mixed with lemonade. Gösser is a very mild and juicy tasting Austrian Radler brand.

As a Fanteam stack this weekend, I recommend Kabak (Gelsenkirchen, 8.5m) + Oczipka (Gelsenkirchen, 8.7m). Augsburg’s defensive struggles have been documented above. Kabak has scored three goals already this season and fits together well with Oczipka, who shares corner-duty with others. Kabak is supposed to return from an injury, but even if not, safety net will cover you with fellow tower Nastasic. Moreover, Schalke was not as horrendous against Dortmund as the scoreline suggests. Dortmund was just brutally efficient, scoring 4 goals with 11 shots and 1.45xG. Schalke’s clean sheet potential is solid, with bookies offering odds below 3.0.

Beck’s – stay away 

For the “stay away” pick, we pretty much have to use a beer from Bremen here. Werder hasn’t looked like a Bundesliga offense all season, which again became apparent against Leverkusen. Nobody in his or her right mind would pick them anyways – or only after having a very sizeable amount of Beck’s.

This pick is pretty obvious, but I cannot fathom the forces to recommend fading Bayern (always have large explosive potential at home), Dortmund (annihilated Schalke), or Leipzig (unlucky against Freiburg). But forget Bremen for good. There are far better options. 

We wish you all the best for the upcoming tournament! Use the picks wisely and pick your teams responsibly. Prost!

You can enter the tournament here.

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