Monster Preview for German MIDWEEK Monster [Wednesday] €25,000 GTD

On Wednesday we will continue directly with the second part of the 28th matchday.

Again 25000€ are guaranteed with a buy in of just 20€ for each team.

Like yesterday, we have 4 games in this tournament, which all start simultaneously at 20:30:

In this huge preview i want to dive into a deep analysis for this 25.000€ tournament and i want to share my opinion of the most interesting teams and players based on various statistics.

But now let us begin, i hope you enjoy my article.


The tournament this Tuesday will be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there is half a point for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.


In this tournament we know all line-ups, because all 4 games are starting parallel.

But now let’s have a look at all 8 teams on this Wednesday:

Today the games are even more balanced than yesterday.

For 6 of the 8 teams the chances of winning are between very balanced 30% and 43%.

Only the match between Augsburg and Paderborn is a bit more clearly distributed, but still 50% and 25% chances of winning are pretty balanced.

Now it’s time to look at the players, and not only at the teams.

First of all we look at the defensive, then we look at the offensive.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.


On the defensive, I have marked Union and Düsseldorf as particularly interesting.

Both have a high clean sheet probability at a low average pricing.

Gelsenkirchen also has fair prices, Mainz and Paderborn are especially cheap at 6.5M and 5.6M with still some solid clean sheet probability.


Augsburg seems to be very expensive and Hoffenheim and Cologne seem to be the much better choice, so I marked them green.

Union does have a solid 20% probability to score at least 3 goals and  is also fairly priced in my opinion.

For the lower 4 teams it seems to be harder, maximum 15% probability and still all teams are costing above 8.0M on average. Only Paderborn with 7.3M stands out, but also has the lowest probability with just 12%.


Now i want to introduce you some interesting players for this tournament.

C. Trimmel (Union / 7.6M) DEF

The right-back of Union is a real weapon in the offensive and he already scored incredible 9 assists so far in this season.

Not only does he have 3 times as many assists as the next player of Union, but he is also on 7th place in the whole league in this statistic.

In addition to that, only Augsburg has a higher probability of not conceding a goal than Union.

He also forms a good duo with S. Andersson (9.8M), Andersson has already scored 11 goals so far for Union in this season.

K. Ayhan (Düsseldorf / 7.0M) DEF

Ayhan is the chief of defense for Düsseldorf.

But he is also dangerous in the offensive, he has already scored 2 goals and 3 assists.

Also his price is extremely good with just 7.0M and Düsseldorf has a realistic clean sheet probability of 26%.

You can’t go wrong with Ayhan in this tournament.

R. Skov / 8.0M) DEF

Skov is now in my preview for the third time in a row.

The same arguments have remained, he is listed as a defender at Fanteam, but he will probably play as an offensive winger again at home against Cologne.

This season he has already scored 4 goals and 4 assists, Skov scored in the last game this weekend as well.

For 8.0M there is no way around him, also because Hoffenheim has the highest chance to score at least 3 goals besides Augsburg.

He could form a good duo with M. Dabbur (8.7M), if Dabbur will be in the starting eleven this time.

Fortunately we see this starting eleven in time before the tournament starts.

F. Kainz (Cologne / 8.5M) MID

Kainz is the best assist scorer at Cologne, as he already scored 8 assists and 4 goals in this season. 

For just 8.5M it is very fairly priced and certainly a good choice.

Especially with J. Cordoba (9.0M) he forms a good duo, because he has scored the most goals for Cologne so far (12).

F. Niederlechner (Augsburg / 10.9M) FOR

For 10.9M Niederlechner is certainly not a bargain, but you get brutal quality in the offensive and the linchpin at Augsburg.

Proof of this should be that he clearly leads both the goal scorer list and the assist scorer list at Augsburg. He already scored 11 goals and 8 assists in this season.

Goal scorers

Good luck!

You can enter the Event here.

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