CS:GO Dreamhack Masters (29.05.) Preview

After I was forced to take a break due to unforeseen circumstances, I am back writing preview articles for the CS:GO events of FanTeam. I will cover the last days of Dreamhacks group stage and the upcoming Dreamhack playoffs, but most importantly the Blast Premier Showdown. which kicks off next week and is the reason for the 1 week break in between the group stage and the playoffs. 

Focusing on the still ongoing group stage of the Dreamhack Masters, we are currently in the middle of Europe’s group D and at the end of North Americas group B.

Europe’s group D consists of NaVi, Vitality, Ence and NIP, of which the last two just recently made lineup changes to their roster. The two last mentioned teams are also on the last two places right now, though this doesn’t has too much to say yet, as both NaVi and Vitality have played one game more than the other two teams.

In the NA group I can’t tell the exact circumstances, as the previous match hasn’t ended yet at the point I am writing this article, but it looks likely that Evil Geniuses is already confirmed out and 100 Thieves could confirm the first place with a win.

If you are not familiar with fantasy CS:GO yet, go back to the article of the 20.05. and have a read, I explained the basics for CS:GO and fantasy in general there.

The buying for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000€, with nearly 1,500€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 1€ tournament today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today. In the following I will explain why I like them the most.

Vitality vs Ence

If you would have asked me about this matchup some days ago, I would have told you that you could expect an easy Vitality victory. Though, Ence has been performing superb against NaVi and especially Jamppi impressed a lot of people. In a team where sergej and sunny aren’t the stars anymore, who already were star players in the successful time of Ence and mousesports, greatness will come sooner or later. 

Before taking about Vitality, looking on the maps, Ence also seems to have an advantage. One of the go to map picks of Vitality, dust2, is surely a good map for Ence as you could see yesterday against NaVi. Every map Vitality could pick is at least okay for Ence in my opinion. On the other side Overpass should be an easy affair for Ence, which makes me favor Ence overall. Vitality has one win and one close BO3 to their belt, but I don’t think they play as good as many of you might think. It is often discussed that they play very momentum based which can obviously affect them positive, but also negative. While their win against NIP shouldn’t count as NIP was horrible, they managed to play 1 and a half good maps against NaVi. This is because of their momentum based playstyle. Due to this it is hard to predict which Vitality we will see today and for how long, and it has to be said that anything can happen here.

Looking at the players we have to note, that the odds have shifted in the direction of Ence after their game, which leads to more value on the Ence side automatically.

The already named Jamppi has been phenomenal yesterday and I am excited to see more from him. He looked like he technically was able to carry the whole Ence team, and he is only priced at 9,9 million. At this price tag he is a must own for me today. Next to him there are many possibilities. As I said every player should be valuable in the end due to the odds change, it is just a matter of who is the most valuable. Allu is an option for sure, but he will be the highest owned one as well. Sunny also is a possible pick, as he looked like a really consistent player yesterday, but he has a high ceiling, which we especially know of his mousesports times.

Looking at the Vitality squad, it is hard to ignore ZywOo as he can be the top scorer of the whole slate at any given day. Though, I don’t like him that much as he hasn’t been performing to this extra extra level consistently since alex left the team. A tip I would give you is, that if you pick him, you should also captain or vice captain him. Because if he goes ham you are on the safety side and otherwise there will be other more valuable players.

Next to him anyone can go off, but it’s rarely happening. The most often, and also yesterday, shox does the job. Over 43 played rounds, he managed to kill 43 enemies and had a kill/death ratio of 2,47 which is more than insane. He will surely be heavily owned and there is no guarantee for him to go off, but it feels hard for me to ignore him as well.

To pick someone under the radar of many, misutaaa feels like the perfect pick. He slowly gains confidence in the experienced Vitality roster and goes for some aggressive plays as well. He is often on the second or third position of the scoreboard. Though if you hit the game where he is on top and you are one of the only ones owning him, you definitely hit the jackpot. He is also the perfect fit to fill up your Vitality stack.

NaVi vs NIP

This matchup is a game where it is a matter of which team is in worse form. NIP just recently changed their lineup, in a form of adding a new in game leader with hampus replacing Lekr0. To find some form will need time of course, but what they have shown yesterday against Vitality was horrible and if they dont step up massively, I have a hard time seeing them win here today.

On the NaVi side you can see more than ever how dependent the team is on s1mple and electronic. Even though they won against Vitality two days ago they looked bad at the least, especially on the first two maps. On the third map it looked different and I expected it to be a turnaround for them, but after the T side on Train against Ence I am not so sure about that one. 

If I compare the weaknesses of both teams NaVi has to be the favorite here, as you can also see looking at the odds. As I already mentioned I can’t suggest a player other than the two obvious ones electronic and s1mple as no one else is stepping up in any way. At least both are great possibilities for the captain or vice captain position. Definitely don’t get your hands on to flamie, as he definitely is a candidate for the worst player of this tournament so far.

On the NIP side you have to consider that it isn’t unlikely that they get 2:0ed which would make their players useless. If you believe in them winning a map, plopski can surely be valuable at his price. A more hidden pick is twist in my opinion. I predict the AWP player to be more involved in the new system under hampus leadership. He is one of the cheapest and will be heavily low owned as well.

100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses

As stated above I don’t know the exact circumstances, but I expect that EG will be confirmed out already at the point you are reading this article. If this is the case, I strongly advise to not pick too many EG players, as they have nothing to fight for anymore. 100 Thieves on the other side will then have the chance to finish on the first sport by winning themselves. Nonetheless, they look like the better team right now, especially after their newest coach addition, known as the alias “Iamapet” but just recently changed to “chetsingh”. He is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in CS:GO and so it is no wonder that he already has some positive impact after some days working with the team. 

In their first group stage game, jks has been top fragging with numbers which you love to see as a fantasy player. Though, especially Jkaem has been the one who has been getting the praise on twitter from all of his teammates. On the one side this shows me, that it’s part of the plan, chetsingh brings to the team, that Jkaem has more impact. On the other side it shows me that the numbers jks has been putting up are expected as well and are already normal to the team. I know I already mentioned the two most expensive members of the team, so I will add a cheaper player as well. Liazz has been performing very good in their first match. I am not sure if this will be consistent thing to see him on the top of the scoreboard, but I am sure that he wont drop off completely. The quote of jks in an interview some time ago makes me hopeful as well, which said something similar to: if an Australian player is able to break into the top 20 players this year, next to jks, it would definitely be Liazz. Well, maybe we are seeing the first steps to this right now.

If 100 Thieves have lost against the odds yesterday against Cloud9, Evil Geniuses have the chance to continue the tournament with a win against 100 Thieves. If this is the case we can expect a brawl. As I said I still favor 100 Thieves, but if you think EG will win, I would go for their star player Brehze, who definitely has the highest ceiling. Next to him the cheap tarik has a great tournament so far and will be very low owned, so he is definitely worth a shout.

Good luck!

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