CS:GO Blast Premier Spring 2020 – 03.06. FanTeam Preview

Today I am even  more excited to present you my thoughts and favorite picks as it is by far my favorite slate so far.

Literally every game but one is 50/50 in my head and the odds underline this thesis. With this being the case it is even more important to also think about who wins these 50/50 games as winning players usually have better chances to gain you a top finish.

Other than the last day, todays tournament starts at 16:45 which leaves you even more time to build some teams, which I would highly advise you as todays games will be so much fun to watch.

I once again have to discuss the fact that no overtimes will be played but the games end as a draw at 15:15. This changes the way of stacking teams for sure, so now we are all aware of it.

As the tournament is still fairly new to all of us, I will once again write down what the difference of this tournament to others is.

I don’t know how I should evaluate the format in this article as I hate it for the quality of CS:GO but it certainly could be interesting fantasy wise. 

All games of the group stage will be played in a best of 1, which means just 1 map decides on who wins and who loses. I can tell you that we will see even more upsets than we see now as a good start on a map already wins you half of the map. Examples on the first two days have been Triumph and Chaos.

On top of it the fantasy tournaments will change, as BO1 are being played. There are no straight map bonuses as we are used to and there are also no points for net rounds won. This makes every team pickable and just the individual performance of the players will matter, which I actually like. 

I will write a preview article everyday while this tournament goes on, so make sure to check out the FanTeam blog everyday. 

Other than at the tournaments we already experienced, I won’t be able to analyze every game in the article and explaining why I like which player, as there are 6-8 games a day with each group being covered everyday. I somehow have to short the way I present you my favorite players.

The buying for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000€, with nearly 1500€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 1€ tournament today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points, it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today.

Before I begin to write my two sentences to each match, I want to clarify that BO1 are way more random than BO3. There are many more upsets happening and there will be some on Monday for sure. A fact which is leading to this is, that a good start can easily win you the whole match. As the site you are starting on will be decided by a knife round, which is 50/50 in every case, a CT start will make it even easier to get a good start and win the match. 

With just one map being played, it is possible for every player to be the highest scoring of the tournament, as everyone on this level has the potential to deliver on just 1 map. 

Furthermore it should be better to not stack many players of one team, as it’s not possible that many players of one team perform great on just one map, especially now as we know that there is no overtime possible.

It will be interesting to see which tactic will prove the best, but I expect cheaper players and teams with players of different teams to be the best tactic. On the first day teams with 2 players of one team actually were the most successful, but I feel like this will change in the upcoming days and nonetheless it is too early to judge.

In the following I will write a short assessment on each game and simply write down my 2 favorite picks of the teams. Keep in mind that anyone can win this games so don’t forget to vary the teams you are picking players from.

I based my picks on the theses that they are easily able to top frag the played map, but will also gets some bonus points on top of it, as I am quite sure they will be needed in order to win the tournament. On top of it I looked at the potential maps and found out which player has the best stats on this map.

Dignitas vs Virtus Pro 16:45

Arguably two of the weakest teams in the EU region are the first match of the slate today. Both teams started with 2 losses and they looked like they are in worse form than ever. While many would say the legends of Dignitas just don’t have it in them anymore that can’t be the reason for Virtus Pro. On paper Virtus Pro has an insane roster and a lot of potential. I hope it’s a matter of time for them, as I would really like YEKINDAR to grow as a star player in a team like Virtus Pro.

The one benefitting of the leaving of buster has been qikert, who has been performing superb since then, so keep an eye on him.

Map wise this could very well go to Train, or otherwise Inferno if Dignitas wants that. Nonetheless, you can keep an eye on the stream or, as the map will be announced before the tournament starts so you can make some last minute changes. On Inferno f0rest and Jame would benefit from the map, while on Train hallzerk, YEKINDAR and qikert offer better stats than their average.

Favorite Dignitas picks: f0rest 10.6, hallzerk 10.6

Favorite Virtus Pro  picks: qikert 10.3, Jame 10.5

Ence vs NIP 18:00

The scandinavian battle happened in this exact collocation just a week ago, where NIP managed to win their first match with their new in game leader hampus. They seem to have quite a good matchup against them as they managed to win a month ago as well. Overall this could be a banger BO1, but to determine who could go off in these balanced teams you have to look at the potential map. Most likely they will end up on either Mirage or Train, with Inferno also having a slight chance. Though I will focus on the first two.

This map scenario is making it quite complicated, as Allu is one of the best Train players, but doesnt have good stats on Mirage at all. If you want to guess that it goes to Train, surely pick Allu but probably also captain him. On Mirage Jumppi would be a great pick, while Sergej is definitely decent on both maps.

On the NIP side the maps don’t make a huge difference as it is still very balanced on all maps. Plopski has the slight edge on every map, but with the form nawwk currently has he surely can’t be ignored.

Favorite Ence picks: Allu 10.8, Sergej 10.1

Favorite NIP picks: Plopski 10.5, nawwk 10.5

Mousesports vs Fnatic 19:45

Some months or actually weeks ago, this could have been a final of a very big tournament. Though, both teams haven’t been able to carry their form into online CS:GO and here we are having even odds, but with both teams being in a slump. I don’t want to predict who wins this, as the one with the better day will do it. Both teams should play way better in theory so its a lottery to predict who steps up more today.

Their map vetoes in their recent matches has been quite a road, so I am not too sure which map will be played. If I had to pick I would guess either Mirage or Dust2.

First of all I realized watching their last matchups, that consistently Krimz and ropz have been the top fraggers for each team. Surely it’s not guarantee that this will happen again, especially in a BO1 scenario, but it is still interesting to note.

Looking at the maps again, Krimz and ropz are also looking the best stats wise on Mirage, so both have two arguments for them already.

On Dust2 woxic definitely comes into play.

Favorite Mousesports picks: ropz 10.8, woxic 10.3

Favorite Fnatic picks: Krimz 10.5, JW 9.9

Vitality vs Astralis 20:30

This match also would have been a different one some weeks ago, but now Astralis stands there with 2 stand ins and look like they are in a worse Form than ever. The odds still expect some of the old Astralis being left, but I see Vitality as the clear favorites here especially as they themselves aren’t in the worst form.

Looking at maps you can’t really say which map it is gonna be, as your map pool will most likely change with two news players or at least change in a way that you have other strong maps. Though a solid middleground for them has been Nuke all the time, and Astralis haven’t been banning the map since playing with these circumstances, so I would put my bet on Nuke. On the Vitality side apEX would be the one benefiting from it. Other than that, there is not more to take away from Nuke.

Favorite Vitality picks: apEX 9.9, misutaaa 10.1

Favorite Astralis picks: dupreeh 10.0, device 10.8

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9 22:30

In the first NA match of the day Evil Geniuses clearly have the skill edge, as their players are way more skilled. Furthermore the last two BO3 have been going in favor of Cloud9, which would suggest that they have a really solid chance here. For me this is anyone’s game.

Their map pool is wide opened and they could end up on 4 different maps. My best guesses would be Inferno or Dust2, but it doesn’t make any sense to look player stats for an exact map in this scenario. In the last two matches against each other, Sonic was the only one who put up good numbers twice.

Favorite Evil Geniuses picks: Cerq 10.5, tarik 9.9

Favorite Cloud9 picks: Sonic 10.1, oSee 10.3

Triumph vs 100 Thieves

The second last match is a clear one for me. Though Triumph have managed to win against Cloud9 yesterday and pull the upset, I don’t think they will able to replicate that. 

The exact same happened at the ESL One Road to Rio. Triumph managed to win against Cloud9 on the first day and just days later 100 Thieves showed them how it goes. On top of it 100 Thieves are in a great form right now.

Map wise I know Triumph too less in order to predict exactly where it goes, but Mirage definitely has a solid chance to be played. Looking at Mirage it would be Curry, jkaem and gratisfaction benefiting from it.

Favorite Triumph picks: grim 10.4, Curry 9.6

Favorite 100 Thieves picks: jkaem 10.8, gratisfaction 10.1

MIBR vs Gen.G

To end the day we have another interesting matchup, where I see Gen.G being the favorite. In the last couple of months both teams fought off against each other 3 times, and it was Gen.G who won the match every time. Stylistically they just have a great match and MIBR have shown just yesterday that they are more than beatable. The map pool is more than opened again, which Inferno looking the most likely again, Dust2 and Train following closely. All are maps who let AWPers shine, so keep an eye on the AWP play, being autimatic, FalleN and kNg in this match.

If it comes to Inferno, koosta and kNg would definitely be happy about the map.

Favorite Gen.G picks: autimatic 10.5, koosta 10.3

Favorite MIBR picks: kNg 10.3, fer 10.6

If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or Mondays format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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