CS:GO Blast Premier Spring 2020 – 04.06. FanTeam Preview

The last day of the group stage lays right ahead of us and sadly the tournament structure changed today. After the full round 10.000€ hasn’t been filling for days, the EU and NA scene are now split into two tournaments. Each tournament offers a 5.000€ guaranteed prize pool, but the exciting part of picking of 8 matches isn’t there anymore. Nonetheless I will talk you through my thoughts in the EU games and present you my favorite picks.

Today’s EU tournament starts at 16:45 CET which leaves you even more time to build some teams.

I once again have to discuss the fact that no overtimes will be played but the games end as a draw at 15:15. This changes the way of stacking teams for sure, so now we are all aware of it.

As the tournament is still fairly new to all of us, I will once again write down what the difference of this tournament to others is.

I don’t know how I should evaluate the format in this article as I hate it for the quality of CS:GO but it certainly could be interesting fantasy wise. 

All games of the group stage will be played in a best of 1, which means just 1 map decides on who wins and who loses. I can tell you that we will see even more upsets than we see now as a good start on a map already wins you half of the map. Examples on the first two days have been Triumph and Chaos.

On top of it the fantasy tournaments will change, as BO1 are being played. There are no straight map bonuses as we are used to and there are also no points for net rounds won. This makes every team pickable and just the individual performance of the players will matter, which I actually like. 

I will write a preview article everyday while this tournament goes on, so make sure to check out the FanTeam blog everyday. 

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points, it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today.

Before I begin to write my two sentences to each match, I want to clarify that BO1 are way more random than BO3. There are many more upsets happening and there will be some on Monday for sure. A fact which is leading to this is, that a good start can easily win you the whole match. As the site you are starting on will be decided by a knife round, which is 50/50 in every case, a CT start will make it even easier to get a good start and win the match. 

With just one map being played, it is possible for every player to be the highest scoring of the tournament, as everyone on this level has the potential to deliver on just 1 map. 

Furthermore it should be better to not stack many players of one team, as it’s not possible that many players of one team perform great on just one map, especially now as we know that there is no overtime possible.

It will be interesting to see which tactic will prove the best, but I expect cheaper players and teams with players of different teams to be the best tactic. On the first day teams with 2 players of one team actually were the most successful, but I feel like this will change in the upcoming days and nonetheless it is too early to judge.

In the following I will write a short assessment on each game and simply write down my 2 favorite picks of the teams. Keep in mind that anyone can win this games so don’t forget to vary the teams you are picking players from.

I based my picks on the theses that they are easily able to top frag the played map, but will also gets some bonus points on top of it, as I am quite sure they will be needed in order to win the tournament. On top of it I looked at the potential maps and found out which player has the best stats on this map.

Vitality vs sAw

The CS:GO day starts with a boring match on paper. Vitality matches up against an underleveled sAw, who managed to push Ence to the edge yesterday, but I am sure that wouldn’t have happened on any other map, so Vitality will have this one in the bag. Maps wise there are many possibilities. Surely Vitality will push it on a more tactical map and will have no problems winning the game.

Favorite Vitality picks: RpK 9.8, ZywOo 11.0

Favorite sAw  picks: stadodo 9.8, JUST 9.8

Mousesports vs Virtus Pro 18:00

Sadly it doesn’t get more exciting in the second game. A slowly regenerating mousesports will face the horrible looking Virtus Pro. Even though I can say again, that Virtus Pro theoretically has a huge amount of skill in their roster, I don’t see them winning anything in this form. Perhaps it could go to Vertigo again, and the T side of Virtus Pro was by far the worst I have seen on the map, and this was against Dignitas. 

Don’t forget, it’s a BO1 scenario, so anything can happen, but overall I don’t like the Virtus Pro players today.

Favorite Mousesports picks: ropz 10.8, woxic 10.4

Favorite Virtus Pro picks: qikert 10.1, Jame 10.3

Astralis vs Ence 19:45

The third match is finally one where you have to set your favorite yourself, at least that’s what the odds suggest. The bookmakers nearly see a 50/50 game, which isn’t compatible with the reality in my opinion. Sure, Astralis was the best team for such a long time, but losing 2 out of players will surely mean you will drop your performance completely. 

That’s what you can see in their recent games as well, as they lost in an obvious fashion against NIP and Vitality.

Looking at Ence they are quite inconsistent the last couple of days, but are still winning in the end. I even think they would beat the current Astralis in their own low form, that’s how sure I am of this result.

Looking at the maps this could very well go to Inferno, or in another case Nuke if Ence want to play that rather. 

If it comes to Nuke the two star AWPers Device and Allu would benefit from the map choice. On Inferno Dupreeh and Magisk will be happy about it, while it will be Jamppi and Sergej on the other side.

Favorite Astralis picks: dupreeh 10.1, device 10.8

Favorite Ence picks: sergej 10.2, Allu 10,8

Dignitas vs Fnatic 20:30

Last but not least Dignitas and Fnatic will face off against each other in a swedish brawl. While this one for many looks decided before the game even started, it isn’t in any way. The two times both teams faced off against each other with their current lineups, they played the definition of a close match. Both matches delivered two overtimes at the least, and the last one, just a month ago had 113 rounds in a BO3, which is unbelievable.

Looking at both matches, it is very interesting to see that the legend GeT_RiGhT was able to to frag in both matches. Next to him f0rest and friberg also had great showings.

On the fnatic side JW and flusha are the ones with the outstanding performances, as they are the ones showing no respect to the legends of  Dignitas.

Looking at the maps, Dignitas will probably have the choice of playing either Dust2 or Overpass and I think the choice will be going to Dust2.

Brollan loves both maps, while Dust2 would be good for f0rest and Overpass great for GeT_RiGhT.

Favorite Dignitas picks: f0rest 10.6, GeT_RiGhT 9.9

Favorite Fnatic picks: JW 10.1, flusha 10.2

If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or Mondays format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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