CS:GO Dreamhack Masters 08.06. on FanTeam Preview

After the Dreamhack Masters EU took a one week break as they finished their group stage, the tournament continues today and so do the tournaments on it on FanTeam.

There are still 12 teams in the tournament. 4 teams are currently sitting in the upper bracket, while 8 have to fight their way through the lower bracket. 

Today there are three lower bracket round 1 matches and we will continue with the upper bracket in the next days.

The buying for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 5,000€, with nearly 1.000€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 1€ tournament and a 200€ tournament for the highrollers today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today. In the following I will explain why I like them the most.

Complexity vs Fnatic

While Complexity had a one week break between thee group stage and the playoffs, Fnatic participated in the Blast Premier Showdown up until two days ago. 

Fnatic had to play every single day, which makes it hard to practice and fixing mistakes. They had to focus on the game on the next day, instead of preparing for this playoff game.

Complexity on the other side just played a couple of really bad teams, for which they didn’t prepare for, for sure. This situation definitely let me lean in favor of Complexity.

The odds though, are suggesting Fnatic being the clear favorite in this game, which you can also see in the pricings of the players.

Looking at the head to head stats of both teams, Fnatic has got the better of Complexity twice this year already, in a 2:0 fashion both times. Although it has been close the last time, as both maps went over 30 rounds.

Personally I see a great chance for Complexity to make this match competitive, so I like their players more.

Talking about players, we can look at their last head to heads again.

Over the curse of four maps, no Complexity player has been consistent, though oBo managed to have 70 kills over two maps in their last game, which is absolutely insane.

On the Fnatic side, JW seems to benefit from the fact, that the enemy AWPer poizon doesn’t have much impact for an AWPer, as he was among the top fraggers in both matches.

Looking at the form of each player there are just two men possible to talk about on the Complexity team. k0nfig and blameF both offer nearly 0,8 kills per round in the last 3 months, which can almost compete with the likes of s1mple or ZywOo.

Considering two of them have such numbers, they could be the deadly duo to win this tournament. 

A quick note that I want  to add is, that k0nfig was the one performing great against the stronger opponents, for example in the Dreamhack Masters group stage, while blameF stepped up against the weaker opponents. Considering Fnatic is a huge caliber I like k0nfig more.

Looking at Fnatics form, it is hard to be confident someone, as no one is performing consistently. Krimz seems to be the best value for money, as he is priced just third highest at 10,4 million, while having the best kill/death ratio himself in the last month. 

Next to him I would never ignore Brollan as a captaincy option, as he definitely has the highest ceiling on the Fnatic side and you surely don’t want to miss him if he goes off.

Mad Lions vs Spirit

As well as in the first match of the day, Spirit were able to catch a one week break, while Mad Lions participated in the Blast Premier Showdown even up until yesterday.

In the beginning of the Blast Premier Showdown Mad Lions looked great, but just yesterday they have looked terrible against Ence, while losing 2:0.

I feel like Spirit are still getting underestimated by a lot of people, but also by the odds, which suggest a 50/50 game.

Not only have they beaten the likes of Fnatic and Godsent in the group stage, but they would have also won against FaZe if they didn’t had to fight against their internet problems and were forced to play with a stand in instead of their best player mir. A lot of people just see the result their. The underestimation probably comes due to the fact that Spirit as a team was never able to get the jump into the tier 1 scene, but if you just see what they are showing right now, they are definitely the favorites in my opinion.

The teams have never played each other before with the current rosters, so there are no head to head stats to look at.

A deciding factor in this matchup will be which team bans Vertigo. Both teams usually ban it, so whoever can ban another map will win the veto and can so shift the odds a bit in their favor. Spirit will probably pick Train, while the Mad Lions pick is really open, especially as they looked really bad on their home map Mirage, just yesterday.

If we are trying to use the potential Train pick to our advantage, we should look out for mir and iDISBALANCE on the Spirit side and acoR on the Mad Lions side.

Looking at the current form of both teams, the three named players are nearly the same as the ones being in the best shape. Just Bubzkji is the one to add to that list in my opinion. Although he had a rough game yesterday, he will be needed for Mad Lions if they want to win this match. On top of it his ceiling is pretty high, which makes him a great captaincy option.

I want to point out iDISBALANCE out again, as the Russian AWPer is really starting to find his form. In my opinion he is one of the best value picks today, with his price tag being at 10,0 million

Heroic vs Vitality

As it would be boring without it, there is the same situation for the last game as well. Vitality participated in the Blast Premier Showdown while Heroic had a break.

However, I think with Heroic being such a new team, some official games experience would have helped them. 

At this point there is not much information about Heroic, as no one besides them know how their practise went.

Vitality is being criticised by many pro players and analysts, that their play style is pretty luck based and there is no way that they get consistently in their results if they continue to play like this. I definitely agree on that and this makes it harder to pick Vitality players.

All in all you can see that this matchup isn’t decided at all as there are too many factors which we cant predict. 

Still, it would be a huge gamble to go for Heroic, as Vitality are the better players, have more experience in general but also as a team.

However, this is how everyone will think and as there are so many unknown factors I will definitely take the risk.

Heroic is a really balanced team in terms of skill. Looking at their recent matches against lower skilled teams, stavn and niko were the ones putting up the most fraggs. Though, you can also see that in the pricings. Nonetheless, if Heroic will be able to maintain Vitality’s level and deliver a great match, both will surely participate with many kills. 

On top of it you could take a risk with TeSeS. He is definitely more skilled than what he is showing right now. Being priced at only 9 million he is definitely worth a try and he will surely be very low owned. 

On the Vitality side ZywOo, especially as a captaincy option is a no brainer. As easy as it is to pick him, the harder it is to find the one delivering the second most fraggs. It can be anyone and I feel like it also switches everyday. I really don’t have a clue who it will be today, but I also don’t want to let you go without a pick from my side. Considering the prices, I chose to play RpK and shox at 9,7 million and 10,5 million next to the french super star.

If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or Mondays format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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