League of Legends SUMMER Main Event

IT’S BACK! On Friday the 12th of June at 18:00 CET, the LEC and the LCS are back and I, @SirPenman cannot wait to delve into Fanteam’s debut League of Legends fantasy slate.

On offer is a beautiful €10,000 GUARANTEED prize pool, with a 1st place prize of €2,000!

This slate has 14 teams playing across 7 games and throughout this article, I will give you my personal opinion on each match up and give you my personal picks that I myself will use for the teams I play in the slate.

The scoring on Fanteam is different from other websites I have played on – and that’s a good thing, as I really like this simple and easy to understand scoring system – but please familiarise yourself with it before building and submitting your lineups.

From looking at the scoring myself, I see a huge emphasis on Junglers – as they’ll be the ones getting the dragons and barons most of the time.

Most of these games will have at least 4 dragons taken and 1 baron, so getting the right Junglers in these games could make or break the slate for your line ups.

All of these games are best of 1,, so any game can be won or lost purely from the draft before the game begins.

Let’s dive into the match ups and have some fun breaking down the slate for you all.

18:00 CET – MAD Lions (2.95) vs G2 Esports (1.35)

The first game up includes last season’s champions G2 and last year’s semi-finalist’s, MAD. G2 are the heavy favourites and rightly so. They look unbeatable about 85% of the time that they play in the LEC. 

For me, this match up is simple – I predict G2 will likely continue to dominate the LEC and the summer split should be no different!

19:00 CET – FC Schalke 04 (1.50) vs Team Vitality (2.40)

Both these teams were 8th and 10th in the spring split. Schalke have changed up their roster by adding a few members from their academy roster to their main roster. This however leaves me uncertain of who will start this game so please be wary of this when selecting players. 

Vitality finished 10th and went 2-16 in the spring split. Vitality have completely revamped their main roster with only Cabochard and Jacktrol remaining from the spring split. This gives me some optimism that they might not be as bad this split. 

The new guys they have brought in have all been performing well in other leagues, so depending on how their skrims have been going, they could definitely win as the underdog in this match up.

I’m picking them as I like the new members of Vitality more than S04 members. 

20:00 CET – Origen (1.15) vs SK Gaming (4.75)

Origen are the heaviest favourites on this slate from the 5 LEC matches we have on offer. I love them and I will be sure to be drafting many of their players. 

SK Gaming were awful last split and finished 9th place in between Vitality and Schalke. They have upgraded their roster slightly and do have individually talented players, but we can only look at past results and none of them have been good.

I expect Origen to beat them easily. However, an easy win isn’t always good as it could mean a quick finish which means less kills and less objectives taken – but I’ll be picking Origen players for sure.

21:00 CET – Rogue (1.40) vs Excel Esports (2.75)

This is a close match, no matter what the odds say in my opinion. Rogue’s roster has stayed the exact same since spring split. 

Excel has changed though with a new Top and Mid Laner in their team. Both guys are experienced playing big games, so being in the LEC shouldn’t prove to be to big of a jump up for them. 

Based on that though, I do like the favourites (Rogue) who are a solid team of 5 and have had the whole break to get better and improve on their 6th place finish, and the playoff venture.

22:00 CET – Misfits Gaming (2.95) vs Fnatic (1.35) 

Always behind G2 are Fnatic. Always the 2nd best team in the LEC in recent years. Fnatic were finalists in the spring split but lost 3-0 to G2. This will always keep their fire burning inside them to try and top G2. Misfits made playoffs by finishing 5th but lost in the first round. Fnatic roster is unchanged from spring split. 

Misfits, however, have added Kobbe to their ADC role, who joins from LCS team TSM. A very good pick up for Misfits in my opinion. However, I don’t feel like this is enough to overthrow Fnatic in the first game of the season. 

I fancy Fnatic to win in what could be a kill and objective filled game!

03:00 CET – 100 Thieves (2.30) vs Evil Geniuses (1.55)

Next up, it’s the first of our LCS games. During the spring split, both pf these teams beat each other once and for me, this is the type of game that will be won in the draft. 

Both teams are mostly unchanged from the spring split, however, Evil Geniuses have added Huni to their Top lane. During the spring split Huni played 1 or 2 good games. Certainly, far from his good days in Korea, but we will see how he does at Evil Geniuses. 

This is a game I’m honestly struggling to pick a winner from. For me, if you want to stack one game then this could be the one to do it on. 

04:00 CET – FlyQuest (4.00) vs Cloud9 (1.20)

Last but not least, we have a rematch of the finals from the spring split as the final game of this GPP contest. As you can see, Cloud9 are heavily favoured and rightly so. They lost only 1 game during the spring split and walked their way to the championship in which they beat FlyQuest 3-0. 

V1per has left to join Dignitas, which leaves Solo as the only Top laner that FlyQuest has. Solo was the much better Top laner during the spring split anyway, so really nothing has changed between the 2 teams.

Now that I’ve briefly mentioned each team taking part in Friday’s 10K contest, let me talk about how I am approaching choosing the 5 members to go onto my various line ups that I plan to enter myself. 

Below I have added the League of Legends scoring, incase you’ve yet to have a look yourself.

Kill: +3
Death: -3
Assist: +1.5
First blood: +7
Turret takedown: +1
Baron kill: +10
Dragon kill:  +3
Creep kill: +0.03

Looking at this, I put Junglers at a premium for any team you think that will win. You should be looking at teams who manage to capture the objectives and players who have good Kill Death Assist ratios (KDA’s). Im going to name a few guys I really like for the slate.

Rekkles 18.1M – He is only the 8th most expensive player on the slate. To me this is an easy play. During the spring split he had a KDA of 9.9! The next closest in the LEC is 7.64. Play Rekkles with confidence.

Jankos 18M – The most expensive jungler and rightly so. He is the best Jungler in the LEC and with a KDA of 6.26 in the spring split, it’s no wonder. Like I said, Junglers are must-plays with this new scoring system on Fantem, so plug Jankos in with Rekkles and don’t worry. Jankos also has a 61% of the first bloods in his games from the spring split.

Xerxe 16.8M – The 2nd best Jungler in the LEC. Since Origen are the heaviest favourites, it means that Xerxe should be able to get plenty objectives which mean big points. He has a KDA of 5.85 from the spring split and a Kill Participation of 68.1%. Again, a nice easy play and someone you can rely on.

Nji 11.4M – Looking to save some salary? Then the newcomer Nji, for Vitality, might be perfect for you. Unfortunately, I have no stats for him as he hasn’t played in the LEC, but I expect Vitality to put up a fight and potentially win so for me, he is a perfect play and he will want to show that he belongs in the LEC. 

If you have any questions about your League of Legends lineups then don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter – @SirPenman

Thank you for reading my debut article for Fanteam – I hope this will be the first of many.

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