CS:GO Dreamhack Masters 12.06. on FanTeam Preview

Today the NA region is dominating the CS:GO slate so we have a lot of players to talk about which were not part of the tournaments in the last couple of days.

Though, the focus is on the League of Legends on FanTeam today as they published their first tournament, so I won’t write too much today. I am sure there is a lot of value in it as no one really knows how to play it.

The buying for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 5,000€, with 1.000€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 1€ tournament and a 200€ tournament for the highrollers today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today. In the following I will explain why I like them the most.

NaVi vs FaZe

The first match of the day has two individual strong facing off against each other. I think it’s quite easy to say, that if s1mple and electronic can maintain their form, NaVi should easily win this. On the other side, if they can’t perform FaZe is definitely the favorite here, so the daily form will definitely play a big role. 

Looking at the average prices of both teams, NaVi has way more value comparing their average to the odds. So it is safe to say that you should go more with NaVi than with FaZe.

However FaZe still has a chance to win this, if NaVi has a bad day, like they had quite often in the last couple of weeks. If this is the case NiKo as a captain is a no brainer, but Bymas also seems to be unleashed and looking at his price and his expectable low ownage he could be a great pick.

Liquid cs Gen.G

The second game of the day is favoring Liquid by far, as they are just the more skilled team.

However, we should take into account that is is really early in the day for NA. Depending on the exact time zone they are living in, it is somewhere between 10 am -12 am. Taking into account that they have to warm up and so on this isnt the normal time for playing competitive CS:GO.  It’s just a guessing game on who stayed up longer and so, but an upset wouldn’t surprise me at all, as Gen.G is the more solid team in things like these in general. 

Looking at the players, I love elige as a captain pick, as he will be very low owned compared to the likes of NiKo and s1mple. Next to him Twistzz should be great value for money, as he has been finding his form again in the recent online games. 

On the Gen.G side koosta is fulfilling his expectations at least a bit in the last couple of weeks, as he steps in as a star player finally. Now it is s0ms step, as he technically should be doing the same. Arguing that Gen.G are finding the right moves right now, you could easily predict a great game out of s0m, especially as he is priced low. 

MIBR vs Cloud9 

The last one is a 50/50 game for me while the odds are favoring MIBR a bit, which you can also see in the pricings. Following this the Cloud9 players might have a lot of value, especially floppy for the same reason as mentioned above, that the likes of s1mple and NiKo will have a higher ownership today. Next to him the AWPer oSee has been stepping up his game as he should be. So if Cloud9 wants to win against MIBR, he has to deliver a solid performance against FalleN. Talking about FalleN, he is my favorite pick for MIBR as he is just a magnet of multikills and clutches, which is brilliant for fantasy. Next to him the solid kNg is a great value for money player as always, so these both would give a nice MIBR stack.

 If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or the format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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