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Monster Preview for the EPL €100,000 Main Event

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW30: Now the time has finally come, the huge 100.000€ tournament for the Premier League at Fanteam is starting this Saturday at 13:30 clock (CET).

The 1st place will win an incredible price of 20.000€, the 2nd still 10.000€ and all this for a buy-in of just 20€ for each team.

But now we go to the actual preview for this huge event, have fun! 


This 100.000€ tournament will be played in Pursuit format again. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.


As you can see there are 4 matches from this 30th matchday of the Premier League in this 100.000€ tournament.

Of the 8 teams we will only know the starting line-up of 2 teams, before the tournament starts, because only Watford against Leicester starts at 13:30 (CET), the other 3 matches at 16:00, 18:30 and 20:45.

As always, it can be an advantage to know the starting line-ups safely, as there are no surprises, but these can often be ironed out thanks to the Safety Net.

Now let’s have a deeper look into all 8 teams:

The 4 matches of this Saturday are very balanced, none of the 4 favourites has a probability of winning above 50%, they are in the range of 38% – 46%.

Accordingly, the 4 opponents are also no clear outsiders, they also have a solid probability of winning between 27% and 32%.

The bookmakers do not expect an extreme number of goals either, so no team has at least an 80% probability of scoring a goal, but only between 67% and 78%, which is pretty low.


As already mentioned in the overview above, no goal scoring festivals are expected in the 4 matches of this tournament.

Accordingly, the clean sheet probabilities are all at a constant high level of 22% up to 33%.

On the other hand, the average prices are quite reasonable. Leicester with 7.0M might be a bit too expensive, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace in a direct duel against each other I would positively emphasize.


Even if we look at the offensive, we can see the overall picture here too: Leicester is in the lead with a rather low 20% probability of scoring at least 3 goals, followed by Wolves and Arsenal with 19% each.

Even the last team West Ham in this statistic still has an at least double digit probability of 10%.

Speaking of prices, Wolves is the one that appeals to me the most with 9.3M, but it is again very tight.

Brighton with an average price of 6.8M might be a little insider tip.

Players to watch

V. Guaita (Crystal Palace / 6.6M) GK

6.6M is a great prize for the Crystal Palace goalkeeper.

The team has a solid clean sheet probability of 27% and still Guaita will surely get a few shots on goal.

Every saved shot will earn an additional 0.5 points on Fanteam.

In addition, Crystal Palace are quite strong in defense anyway, they have by far the fewest goals against them of all the teams from the lower half of the table (32). For comparison: Opponent Bournemouth have 47 goals against them, so nearly 50% more.

M. Doherty (Wolves / 7.5M) DEF

Wolverhampton’s right-back is my first choice for the defense.

Not only do the Wolves have a solid clean sheet probability of 33%, the highest this Saturday.

Also, Doherty is often involved in the offense and has already scored 4 goals and 2 assists this season.

First alternative for me would be left-back J. Castro (6.5M), who is 1.0M cheaper, but not as dangerous as Doherty in the offensive.

N. Maupay (Brighton / 7.5M) FOR

Maupay is my low-budget solution for the offensive.

Brighton plays at home against Arsenal and has a solid 13% chance to score at least 3 goals. Even Arsenal has “only” a 19% probability, to score at least 3 goals.

In Brighton’s offensive almost all focus is on Maupay, which is impressively demonstrated by his statistics: 8 goals and 2 assists. The next players at Brighton scored “only” 3 goals.

For 7.5M you will not be able to do much wrong if you choose Maupay.

R. Jimenez (Wolves / 9.3M) FOR

The 3 star strikers in this tournament are probably Vardy, Aubameyang and Jimenez.

I choose Jimenez at this point, not only because I think Vardy and Aubameyang will have a (much) higher level of ownership, but also because the facts speak for me in favor of Jimenez:

Jimenez is a few percentage points behind Aubameyang and Vardy in the to score probability, but also 1.0M cheaper.

But Jimenez dominates with 23% in the to assist probability, while Vardy and Aubameyang are significantly below with 14% and 12%.

Also, Jimenez’s team has the highest probability to win, which can also be important in the end.

Goal scorers

This was the Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW30. We wish you good luck in our tournament! You can enter here.

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